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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hit the ground running

by LaChaBenn for LaChaBenn 

...and I’m driving up Georgia Ave, and this PT passes me with a sticker “Draft SUV Drivers First,” and I’m like thats stupid. I keep driving. I’m out of it. Long week. I break just before hitting the silver Acura in front of me. The PT stops for the light next to me. It is windy, freezing. Her windows are cracked. I roll down my window...Heellllo. Excuse me, Missss. ...Reluctantly she rolls down her window. I bullshit--I like your bumper sticker, I’m considering trading in my truck for a car similar to yours, how do you do on gas?LIIIEEES- I think she grinned, she looks at her funky PT gauges for what? the answer? She sees it! Looking at me she says close to 20. Riight. So I go. Oh really? Nevermind then, I average 24. I roll up my window, but I have to sit there because the light is still red. I don’t care that she is looking at me or that her window is still down or that she knows...