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Re:Your Hate Only Drives Me Sucka -- post from my bro

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Ok... I've tried to post this 3 times... hopefully this is the last attempt.

I go out to get the mail a few hours ago and I'm greeted with the above debachery. Appartently somebody thought it would be a good idea to destroy mine and my neighbors property. Ya know, I see things all the time that I don't like or nessecarily agree with but I don't take liberties such as the above examples. It's like what was this person thinking? "Hey... Obama, fuck that guy! I'm gonna hold a lighter to this poster for a few minutes.... yeah that's better!" It was probably that or "NO NIGGERS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!"

But that's the thing... I live in a predominatel BLACK neighborhood. I mean there's a sprinkle of white and latino here and there but mostly black folks. So logic would lean mean to believe that a black person did this. Now what's up with that friends? I mean c'mon.. what black person with any shred of common sense would destroy a poster supporting the first REAL black candidate for president? I mean WTF dude? Where's the logic in that? If anything I should be getting comments about how they can acquire one of those posters. But instead someone chose to destroy it.

Black people cmon son! What's with these shenanigans? Im so tired of this black on black bullshit. Don't these people realize how incredible that the front runner for the Democratic party is A BLACK MAN! Segregation wasn't that long ago friends... our parents lived through it. So did our grand parents. We're talking 40-50 yrs ago.. depending on when certain towns decided to act right. And now there's a legit candidate for president who's a black man(well to clarify his dad's black, his mom is white but we all know he's perceived as a black dude. Lets not be silly) and people refuse to embrace how great that is! Even Jesse Jackson... JESSE JACKSON! What the fuck's going on?

I actually read a post today on MSNBC that said even though Obama is leading in the polls things may be different in November because the average American isn't willing to admit they don't feel comfortable voting for a black guy. So people are more willing to LIE bout who they'd vote for than vote for a dude because his SKIN COLOR IS DIFFERNT! Ugh... I think racism is a mental disease. Hell if alcoholism is a disease I think racism should be too. I swear the more things change the more they stay the same. I long for the day where my grandchildren will hopeful have live in a society where these types of shenanigans are over and done with.

Because what does one say in the face of insolent ignorance? People love to not know... people love to believe things that aren't true because the truth is to hard to deal with I suppose? I dunno and I'm growing weary of trying to understand.

So to the deuter responsible for destroying mine and my neighbors property... thanks. You just gave me a reason to give Obama more mone towards his campaign. This time I think I'll buy 2 and if you burn those I'll buy 4. And if those get toasted I'll cop 8! And if you get rid of those I'll make a sign surrounding the property made out of Obama signs, and then create a makeshift flag pole with a flag of Obama's ear to ear smile. You can't stop me. Your hate only drives me futher towards my ambitions and goals. Fucking asshole.....



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I mean honestly i'm upset at powder springs, Because i am not surprised.
(my mom on the other hand (after i fwd her your text) said to me "this is war"..ex black panther go figure)
But then logic and conversation sat in. This is a fight, but this is not a war. This is a fight to educate, this is a fight to bring people, and more specially OUR PEOPLE together. I mean FUCKING Jesse FUCKING Jackson made a Mockery of himself INSULTING Americans only hope, the token "spokes person" of the black community since the late 80's.? When the fuck will people SEE that it is no longer "the man" bring us down, that it is US who bring each other down?
I'm sick of this shit man. And naturally the man who is trying to bring us together is the man getting the blunt of the pain, the igonrate white folk, the ignorant black and brown, the mis informed non-english speaking americas.

that is the only answer. And i swear on my Grandfathers grave if i end up back in Atlanta, I will run for some form of political office.
I can't stand idle man, we, the educated, the strong, the dedicated need to stand up.

i can't stomach this talk with myself anymore...ALERT THE FUCKING PRESS

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