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Monday, February 2, 2009


Zengo, In Chinatown on the corner of 7th and H street NW Washington DC (also in Denver) $$-$$$
Time: 6 o'clock Happy Hour, table for three downstairs
Atmosphere: Very calm and relaxing downstairs in the bar area. Upstairs party room, bar, and large dinning space.
Service: Very slow and unresponsive at first. Sat for a long time without service, got up three times before a bartender came to the table. The Manager was the only one working for a tip.
Drinks: The first one was better than the second and i wish i'd tried more- had a mojito fresh with a clean finish. Small but good in quality beer selection. Large Saki and wine list.
Food Highlights: We tried one of each Happy Hour item. The Kobe on cornmeal biscuit with black bean spread was difficult to eat but worth the effort it has a kick on the after taste. The edamames are slightly charred which gives them an awesome roasted taste. The seared Mahi-Mahi fish tacos in a wanton shell with red cabbage on a bed of guacamole are worth a try. The Crab-guacamole dip is not worth a try.

it is worth checking out