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Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Dinner-Vegan Stir Fry

Remember those things i suggested you should have in your kitchen? I hope you stocked up because I'm starving and don't have much time to cook!

Take your Tofu, your stir fry frozen veggies,Kale, your minute rice, your olive oil, your soy, frying pan, small pot and wooden spoon out. (and whatever you have to season to taste like ginger, onion, red pepper etc)

  • Start by bowling your water, heating up the oil (at med to high temps) in your frying pan and throwing your tofu cubes on there with little soy sauce and seasonings.
  • Throw your rice in and cover. If you need extra protein crack an egg in the water. Make sure to break the yolk and stir.
  • Flip the tofu so it browns on all sides. Make sure the pot is steaming and throw shredders of Kale and your frozen veggies in there. add a little more soy, seasoning and oil on top and cover.
  • Check your rice. lower temp, stir keep covered.
  • Let the veggies steam, lower the temp some, you'll know they are down when the kale loses its form or the snow peas from the frozen veggies start to lose their peas. Stir the veggies around while they are steaming so everything gets some brown and flavor. It is okay if the tofu starts to crumble.
  • Make sure everything is cook properly and throw everything into a bowl. Rice too. Season if necessary, don't add salt, the sodium intake from the soy should do the trick.
I don't recommend trying to reheat this so only cook what you think you (and possibly your roomates) can eat. enjoy with a nice summer beer (stella, st. pauli's or sam light) or a decent white wine (a chardonnay or Pinot Grigo)