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Friday, January 11, 2008

OMG!!! Another racist joke against Tiger Woods! Where is Sharpton? Jesse?

!Kelly Tilghman a commentator for GOLF network made a comment the other day about. (hopefully you’ve guessed it by now) Tiger Woods. A lot of people, mainly the Imus crowd are outraged over this:

Tiger Woods laughed it off, He and Kelly are friends, but best believe that al sharpton is making a big deal about the comments. Ok ok SO what? It was a freaking joke! That joke would be funny either way. People have lynched Asians (half of which tiger woods is!), white guys, a Native American. Hell Michael Vick lynched a dog!
Move On
No! Wait! Not yet!

Didn't Ann Coulter called John Edwards a FAGGOT on National T.V!!!

John Edwards: a Senator, a father of three children, one deceased, husband to a wife fighting Breast Cancer. WTF is that?

Deep Breath

Didn't work! going to the gym