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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

when it comes to dating (mini Eureka moment)

...i've made errors.
Someone asked the group "what is the first thing you notice in a girl?"
Everyone goes physical "Legs," "Booty" "Feet."
For me it is confidence. I am attracted to women with swagger and confidence.
Maybe that is my problem.
I am also attracted to those who have a high level of respect for other('s, people, ideas, interpretations etc) is that combination of confident and respect for others that is close to extinction.
Say that i am generalizing but hear me out: We know that first impression is important. But how many people stay true to that standard? Have you noticed that some (a lot of) people "act" confident but inside have MAD issues, i mean i feel like the more over (double positive?) confident one is the more corroded and unbalanced and unpure their root is. As if confidence is compensation for the lack of...i haven't figured that part out yet.

I won't be so disappointed now because when it comes to dating...