Thursday, March 5, 2009

so sad TO

Terrall Owens was let go from the cowboys last night. HAHA-- excuse me, sorry.

IRVING, Texas (AP) — The Dallas Cowboys officially released Terrell Owens on Thursday, ending a three-year run that produced as many big headlines as big plays.

Owens caught more touchdown passes than any NFL receiver over the last three years and was a big part of Tony Romo's emergence from an unknown backup quarterback to a starlet-dating Pro Bowler with a $67 million contract.

Yet the Cowboys never won a playoff game in those three years, and didn't even make the playoffs this past season. Dallas' late-season collapse — which bottomed out with a lackluster performance in a win-and-you're-in finale in Philadelphia — emphasized that a new attitude was needed, and dumping T.O. shows that Jerry Jones is addressing that.

Jones even said so himself in a statement: "In the aftermath of the season, we talked about change. Some of what is changing involves the process and some of it involves people. This is a decision that was made based upon consideration for an entire team. We will move on now with a new team — a new attitude — and into a new stadium. The evaluation process and the prospect for change will continue at every level of the organization."

It's quite a reversal for Jones, who indicated in recent weeks that Owens wasn't going anywhere and firmly saying that the idea of locker-room problems were "a figment of the result. You didn't hear about those things when we were winning."

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