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Monday, March 9, 2009

Iron Maiden in Bogota

There is a 20 guy who works with me. He looks like he is 12, he is Mexican and for purposes of the article he is a nice guy. He doesn't speak english well, we talk in Spanglish to communicate, and he is eager to learn new words and to learn how to conjugate them.
He brings his Ipod in one day to hook up to the system in the Back of the House. The first song to play-Iron Maiden-Dance of song Iron Maiden Stranger in a Strange land.
I looked at Andy, the assistant chef "Dude is this your Ipod?"
andy- "No no its Francisco"
My head turns like a confused dog-How does a 20 year old, two year American know iron maiden....
I will never ever make assumptions about people again...


Police in Colombia have arrested more than 100 people after fans of the heavy metal group, Iron Maiden, tried to gatecrash a concert.

Rocks were thrown during clashes which broke out before the band was due to perform in a park in the capital, Bogota. Jeremy McDermott reports."

Good music penetrates all borders, all languages, all cultures. and that is why it is so beautiful