Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump Day Laugh- 24 Hour Reality TV about Good Looking People in a House on Hulu


Maybe the most self absorbed reality tv show to date. Yes it definitely is.   I had to re watch the commercial to make sure it was not a part of the SNL episode I was watching. Hulu is beginning a 24 hour telvesion program featuring five extremely good looking people in a house "chasing their dreams." I believe their dream is to be in a 24 hour a day 7 day a week modeling ad.  The viewer has the option of picking from multiple camera angles and views.   I see the curiosity appeal behind it.  I also see it appealing to lonely single shut-ins (Kara and Giggles are smoking hot) who may enjoy watching people sleep, eat, floss and shit. However, overall I see this continuing the progress of Operation Dumb-aph America. If this show succeeds then what will be its successor? How a about a 24 hour stream of fish swimming in a massive pond and each viewer can follow their favorite fish.  BTW that is my idea and I hold the rights to it.
Enjoy the sneak peak commercial and let me know what you think

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flying Dog: Raging Bitch Belgian Style (but really an IPA)


I was at a beer snob party: eveyone brings one or two unique 6 packs (or 1 4 pack or 12 pack, you get it) and we drink and whatever else.
I tried this at 7. By 10 i'd driven to the store the and bought the last two packs they had available. 
Flying Dog impresses again.
Appearance: amber in color, nice head that doesn't stay up long. Some lace was left in the cup.

Smell: sweet, crisp, slightly miss leading because it smells like a Belgian style beer, when this is far from any Belgian style i've had. 

Taste: the most important part. Starts out smooth, ends with the 60 IBU it is packing. 

Mouthfeel: Wonderful, but if you do not like bitter beers, but you like Belgian-style beers, don't try to fool yourself into thinking this is one of them. This is an IPA before it is a "Belgian-Style" beer-- no oranges here. Just Hops Hops and Hops. 

Drinkablility- For me the best. I have zero dislikes about this beer, but I stand behind what I said previously: This is an IPA before it is a "Belgian-style." 


Serving type: bottle