Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The next day

Think its about time to go to the ER...
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the day of

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Just before

They attacked me
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camping for work this week

I love my job, be back online monday, look for scheduled post (if google hasn't messed them up like it did last week).



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Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Dinner-Vegan Stir Fry

Remember those things i suggested you should have in your kitchen? I hope you stocked up because I'm starving and don't have much time to cook!

Take your Tofu, your stir fry frozen veggies,Kale, your minute rice, your olive oil, your soy, frying pan, small pot and wooden spoon out. (and whatever you have to season to taste like ginger, onion, red pepper etc)

  • Start by bowling your water, heating up the oil (at med to high temps) in your frying pan and throwing your tofu cubes on there with little soy sauce and seasonings.
  • Throw your rice in and cover. If you need extra protein crack an egg in the water. Make sure to break the yolk and stir.
  • Flip the tofu so it browns on all sides. Make sure the pot is steaming and throw shredders of Kale and your frozen veggies in there. add a little more soy, seasoning and oil on top and cover.
  • Check your rice. lower temp, stir keep covered.
  • Let the veggies steam, lower the temp some, you'll know they are down when the kale loses its form or the snow peas from the frozen veggies start to lose their peas. Stir the veggies around while they are steaming so everything gets some brown and flavor. It is okay if the tofu starts to crumble.
  • Make sure everything is cook properly and throw everything into a bowl. Rice too. Season if necessary, don't add salt, the sodium intake from the soy should do the trick.
I don't recommend trying to reheat this so only cook what you think you (and possibly your roomates) can eat. enjoy with a nice summer beer (stella, st. pauli's or sam light) or a decent white wine (a chardonnay or Pinot Grigo)


Free Mocha Monday

Yo so I just took three cjc crews, 16 girls in all and got them a free Mocha McCafe! 7oz for the iced 8oz for the hot, all day today!
Get em while they still have cups!
Me encanta!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Free Movie Downloads

I found this site while blog surfing. As far as I can tell the user updates the site everyday with new releases of DVD's. These are free downloads in segments. I think its free cool!

BlackBox Movies

Mind Stretcher

I got an A+ on this test cause i rock

Hidden in each sentence is a word belonging to one of the categories listed below. Find the hidden word, and identify the category to which it belongs by clicking on the corresponding button.

For example:

When I grow up, I want to be a ranger.




I don't know

In this case, the answer would be animal. The hidden word is bear (When I grow up, I want to be a r anger).


The sun setting against the horizon makes Cairo seem magnificent.

Musical instrument



I don't know


On a dare, Bob decided to jump in, knowing the water would be cold.




I don't know


The pet store owner had seen Pavlov a lot of times.




I don't know


Look, I will not tolerate this nonsense anymore.




I don't know


After much drunken gin, eerie noises may be heard at night.



Natural phenomenon

I don't know


As the mug was full, I very carefully added the cream.

Body organ



I don't know


When you are through with washing the dishes, you may go and play.

Natural phenomenon



I don't know


We found the cup and saucer, both under the bed.


Natural phenonmenon


I don't know


Mary buys Tom a cherry sundae.

Body part



I don't know


I agree not to eat all the cookies.




I don't know

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coffee Anyone-South African Band Freshly Ground

 A few years ago at the end of the World Cup ceremony a band that goes by FreshlyGround  played the final set. The South African band preformed a special gig, marking South Africa's acceptance of the 2010 world cup.
...and then I never heard the band again-until two days ago when NPR flashed a clip of their music.

From Wiki:
Freshlyground is a South African Afro-fusion band that was formed in Cape Town in 2002. The band members are from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Stylistically, Freshlyground incorporates elements of traditional South African music (such as kwela and African folk), blues and jazz, as well as features of indie rock. The lead singer is Zolani Mahola whose distinctive voice contributes much to the band's unique sound. 
check out a video 

ArtScape 2009


ArtScape 2009 is underway! America's Largest Music and Art Festival and it is FREE!

July 17, 18 & 19, 2009
Friday: 12-10pm / Saturday: 12-10pm / Sunday: 12-8pm
Mount Royal Avenue & Cathedral Street / Charles Street
Bolton Hill neighborhood & Station North Arts & Entertainment District

Performances by Robin Thicke, Dionna Warwick, Cake, Jason Dove, Drop 3, Higher Hands, Drakes!, No Second Troy, Big Boy Little and about thirty more people.

Also there will be tons of Art exhibits littered around the Baltimore area.

What is Artscape?
The largest free public arts festival in the country, Artscape features 150+ artists, fashion designers and craftspeople; visual art exhibits on and off site, including exhibitions, outdoor sculpture, art cars, photography and the Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize; incredible live concerts on three outdoor stages; a full schedule of performing arts including dance, opera, theater, fashion, film, experimental music and performances by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; family events such as hands-on projects, demonstrations, competitions, children’s entertainers and multiple street theater locations; and a delicious, international menu of food and beverages that is available throughout the festival site.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Test test

I lile this new palm touch!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hump Day Laugh: "Common Sence ain't on the guestlist"

its always worse when it is true

better late than never

Monday, July 13, 2009


Let me prefix this by saying i don't eat LJS (though i have in the past) and i'm not condoning the food based on healthiness or freshness quality. Free Food is free food so lets try something once.

From Open until 2:30 P.M. at LJS receive a free Baja "Fish" Taco!

I'll be at work but for those of you who won't be- Cheers!

Cooper v Obama

Tonight  at 10 pm CNN AC360 Anchor Anderson Cooper airs his interview with President Obama. The interview was filmed in Ghana during the presidents' first visit to the continent of Africa.  From the clips I've seen on Wolf Blitzer and it looks like Anderson shows no mercy on Obama, discussing U.S. Troops in Afganistan, Iran and Iraq, the economy, and (because, why not?) the "Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy."
Anderson is the best CNN reporter...Top Five Domestic.

 From CNN
Anderson Cooper | BIO
AC360° Anchor

Interviewing the President is always a difficult prospect. There are so many questions you want to ask, but you only have a limited amount of time.
We had been told we might get about 15 to 20 minutes sitting down with the President and then perhaps 10 minutes walking around Cape Coast Castle – a whitewashed fort through which enslaved Africans were sent to the New World.
We arrived in Ghana last week, one day before the President arrived with his family. We spent the day shooting a story about African Americans who visit Ghana to retrace their roots, and we also spent an hour or so walking through the Castle with members of the President’s advance team.
It is a remarkable thing to see how much effort and organization goes into the President’s movements. The Castle and the nearby hotel were full of secret service, embassy personnel, White House advance personnel, military backup and I’m sure more from other agencies as well.
Everything is timed to the minute: When the President will arrive, where he will go, etc. I read something on Drudgereport that said the crowds were not enthusiastic for the President’s trip. I’m not sure where that impression came from.

Everywhere I went people were quizzing me about where to go to see Obama. I didn’t tell anyone about his visit to the Castle, because I didn’t know if that information had been released yet. On Ghanaian radio I heard all sorts of theories about what the President would be doing in the country, and where he might go.
Anderson Cooper joins a parade to celebrate the appointment of a new Chief on the Cape Coast of Ghana.
Anderson Cooper joins a parade to celebrate the appointment of a new Chief on the Cape Coast of Ghana.
By the time he arrived at the Castle a huge crowd had gathered and was listening to music. When the President emerged from his limo, and waved to the crowd, everyone was screaming and waving back.
I was a little bit inside the Castle with my cameraman Neil Hallsworth. After waving, the President came back around the car, and did a little dance for the amusement of his kids and Mrs. Obama. It was a very lighthearted, private moment that few people saw.
We’ll show it to you on 360°, as well as the interview tonight and tomorrow. We talked about the economy, Iran, Afghanistan, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, as well as U.S. policy with regard to Africa.
We also talked a lot about his impressions walking through the dungeons of Cape Coast Castle, where so many enslaved Africans died, and so many more survived only to be loaded onto slave ships. He was there with his kids, and we talked about the impact of the visit on them, and how the history of the slave trade still resonates today in America.
We are also putting together an hour special: ‘President Obama’s African Journey, that will air later this week. I hope you tune in.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Camping this weekend at PLO

Point Lookout State Park
Be back onlineMonday

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

BSO goes Psycho!!!

Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO
Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.
Friday July 10, 2009 at 7:30 p.m.

Put on your shower caps and experience the dreadful anticipation once again as you and 2,000 other frightened film buffs watch one of the most terrifying movies ever made. Alfred Hitchcock’s original full length film noir classic will be shown with the original voice track, while the BSO performs Bernard Herrmann’s cinematic score, famous for its screeching, piercing violins.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yo Hump Day Laugh TWO!!!!



Okay so I don't actually have anything to show you buuuut if you can find David Letterman's top ten list from last night I guarantee you will be rolling in ur seat/bed/ couch/ whatever.
Its Palins answering machine
Fuuuuunnnyy stuuff
STS I'm sure you'll find it first and if you do please post the link on the comment board.

Much love
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Trail Blazin'

Its a tough job but someones gotta do it
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hump Day Laugh


Yesterday we Mourned,
Today We Laugh.

Micheal Jackson's Memorial Clips


A step in the right direction-DC accepts Gay marriage

As of 12:01 am EST homosexual marriages performed in other states are officially and legally recognized in the District of Columbia. Same-sex marriages now receive the over 200 marital benefits that heterosexual couples receive.

A push for same sex marriages performed in the District will start in August.


Mozel Tav Team Homo!

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b. perhaps the best restaurant in Baltimore?


I asked, "so what kind of food do they serve?" My question answered by Silence.

I'm still not sure how to answer the question myself.
This corner Bistro has left me breathtaken.
Under appetizer's yellowfin tuna tarter with capers, chopped egg and avocado caught my eye but I ordered the eggplant dig served with fire toasted Cubata bread, olives, and pickled vegetables. So did every table in eyeshot.
I didn't reach for salt or pepper (nor did i notice their absence until late into the meal).
I could not decide what to get for my entree, everything looked SO Good. P.E.I. Mussels with green curry and coconut milk, Pear and Gorgonzola Sachette, Ahi Tuna Nisoice salad with Potatoes not pasta, Crispy Duck...i could go on, but it does little justice.
I ordered the P.E.I. Mussels with green curry, coconut milk, coriander leaf, and i'd argue lemongrass? And a small order of the roasted vegetable mozzarella Ravioli. The Mussels were Huge in size and quantity. The broth, a perfect blend of coconut milk and water, not to sweet just an after taste. At one point I considered ways of sneaking the broth home-i didn't. Instead I consumed the delicious (guys listen to me: DELICIOUS) broth with the never ending servings of fresh Cubata bread.
The small portion of the Roasted Vegetable Mozzarella ravioli was a perfect size. Fresh Ravioli stuffed with a puree of roasted veggie cheesy freshness!
I rue not ordering their Ceaser salad. If you can do a Ceaser salad correctly and uniquely you are clutch in my eyes.

Everything, everything, from the atmosphere, to the regulars, to the quite corner location, to the veteran wait staff are on point and fabulous.
The Food, the food, is another story. Amazing to say the lease, perfect portions, the mussels are served in a heaping bowl. I mentioned the Pasta came in half and whole portions as do some of the salads. I tried the Duck in confit served with fingerling potatoes, a style I've grown tired of, But b was able to cook the duck perfectly: Cold pan, Meat, then isle (i swear not everyone knows that, how to render duck). Had the Vanilla Creme Brulee- That got that right too ;-) Plating and aesthetics of the food exhibit the Art in culinary art.
I have one side note, there was a little to much oil in my ravioli. Honestly, Who cares? I didn't.

Washingtonians-Escape to this place
and bring your "B" game, average person, with drinks and apps, $45. ($$$)
Also, their micro brew and imported Beer lists are well constructed featuring Victory and Trogg, i can say the same for their wine list.
Bunch on Sundays

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Monday

Hey y'all Happy Monday.
I'm at work for most of the day but I set up some blogs this weekend for you all to read today.

Ill be keeping track of Obama's trip in Russia, the tour de france, the 9000 people going to MJs memorial and whatever else is going on today in the nation.

Have a great day-im tired as sin, I've been up since 4:30, and someone blew up my phone late.
Special Love to Berwyn- Kerry, Brisco, Pearce, Curtis I got ur letter, and Hanna Lee don't work to hard.
Everyone else stay tuned,
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

things you should have in your kitchen

I gotta stop eating out so much. I'm trying to encourage others to do the same. Eating in saves money and opens up opportunities to have pot lucks and dinners with your close neighbors, special others and friends. This is a list of basic, not quickly perishable items every young and or single adult should have in their kitchen. I'll div out quick recipes later. Stock up now.

Pasta-Rotini or Zita, Brand doesn't matter. Cheap is always good.
2. Instant (5 minute) Rice- Uncle Ben makes some baller Minute Rice, there are also off brands. To say on the healthier side of things go for Brown rice.
3. Jar of Chunky Veggie Tomato Pasta Sauce- Depending on how you use it brand doesn't matter, the store brand will be less thick than the name brand. In some dishes it doesn't matter. In some it does.
4. Cans of Black Beans-these never go bad so stock up. Goya is Clutch.
5. Kale-an awesome and delicious green veggie that is sold in bunches. It takes forever to go bad, wash before use.
6. Eggs-Did you know that eggs can keep up to three weeks when boiled. I wouldn't eat them, but its whatever.
7. Ground Beef- buy the family size separate it, freeze, defrost as needed.
8. Chicken-see Beef- drumsticks and breast.
9. Tofu if you are a Veggie Head-keeps.
10. Frozen Vegetables-CLUTCH to maintaining healthy eatting in a fast pace single life. They don't go bad, and you can buy crucial mixes. Get a Stew vegetable mix, a stir fry veggie mix, peppers mix,and singles of whatever Broccoli, Spinach, Green Beans, Okra, Potatoes, WHATEVER. Bags over Boxes. Fruit is also available, awesome for smoothies if you have a blender. Brand isn't pressing
11. Barbecue Sauce- it should be a basic condiment like ketchup, Spicy Mustard, Hot Sauce, Virgin Olive Oil, crushed Italian seasoning, old bay, salt and, red or black pepper. (you should have all of these things)
12. Cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup-it won't go bad, it always comes in handy
13. Cans or packets of Tuna and or Salmon-banging Omega 3
14 Shredded Cheese-Blended is good. Doesn't last forever, watch for moister.
15. Garlic Clove-last a super long time

Notables but not required

1. Ramen Noddles-don't over do them. Drain once to wash away starch and MSG
2. Frozen Pizzas-Some frozen pizzas Do taste better than delivery.
3. Papa Luigi's Frozen Meatballs-rare, found at Shoppers usually around a buck. Good for parties and snacks.
4. Head of lettuce - Don't do bag, it wilts quickly, go for fresh iceburg, bibb, arugula, field greens, spinach.
5. Dressing-Blue Cheese and/or Ranch, maybe Italian
6. Tomatoes-go bad quickly, watch 'em
7. Red Onion
8. Avocados-
fatty, packed with protein and GUACAMOLE! ask someone for help when buying. Timing is everything with these fruits
9. Bread and Flour Tortilla- Wheat or Grain, fresh tortillas bagged.
10. Yogurt-Plain or Vanilla, good in the morning, add fruit, or granola, or add to smoothies.
11. Nature Valley Granola Bars
12. Pillsbury Biscuits, pop and bake

Stock Up
Stay Tuned

WTF, Marion Barry No man are you!!!

I am aware that that the title is grammatically incorrect. I am trying to poke fun of this D.C. City Council Man.
so the same guy who is leading the fight against Gay Marriage in DC, proves again why straight people are the Almighty superior

Cnn -- Former D.C. mayor, now Washington councilman, Marion Barry has been arrested again.

Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was arrested July 4 and charged with stalking, police said.

Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was arrested July 4 and charged with stalking, police said.

On July 4, the U.S. Park Police arrested Barry and charged him with misdemeanor stalking.

About 8:45 p.m. in Anacostia Park, a Washington woman flagged down a Park Police officer on patrol and pointed to Barry, who was in another car. The woman said Barry was stalking her, Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser said.

Barry was taken into custody, processed and released, but he must make a court appearance for the charge. A court date has not been set.

Barry's other run-ins with the law have included a federal sting operation in 1990, when he was mayor. Surveillance cameras caught him smoking crack cocaine in a hotel room.

Despite his fall from grace, he was re-elected in 1994 to a four-year term as mayor. In his latest political comeback in 2004, Barry won a seat on the D.C. Council, on which he continues to serve.

Barry was arrested in 2002 when traces of marijuana and cocaine were found in his car after he was stopped in the Buzzard Point area of Southwest D.C. No charges were filed, and Barry claimed that the drugs were planted.

And in 2006, Park Police officers stopped him for driving too slowly, prompting him to accuse authorities of targeting him. Barry had been on probation since 2005 for not filing or paying income taxes for several years.

Last year he again failed to file a tax return, and his probation was extended to May 2011, according to the Washington City Paper.


Yesterday Serena Williams was crown Women's Wimbledon champion after defeating her sister Venus in two Sets.

Today Roger Federer beat Andy Roddrick to win Men's Wimbledon Championship.

Federer has won 15 grand slam titles, more than any other athlete. He beat out Pete Sampras.

What a Week-now Steve McNair

First Jane Fonda passes,
Then the King of Pop,
Palin Resigns (well that is good news),
now former Ravens/Titans NFL Quarterback Steve McNair. McNair, found dead at the age of 36, suffered several gunshot wounds including one gunshot wound to the head. A 20 year old female victim was found next to him in a condominium in Nashville, Tennessee, with a single gunshot wound to the head and a pistol close to her body. The incident appears to be a murder-suicide. I am sad to say that McNair is survived by four sons and his wife Michelle McNair.

Hope everyone continues to have a safe and festive week-end.
Remember alcohol and fire -arms/ -works/ -throwers etc Do NOT Mix Well!