Saturday, December 27, 2008

the difference

It never stops
the culture shock one experiences when they travel from D.C. to GA and sometimes from GA to D.C. *
usually it is the people that shock me first, then the cheap prices, but now--and most esp seen last night-the cops.
And last night i figured out why.
Cops in GA, are like hunters...they see you, and they follow you, intimidate you, till you graze the yellow line, or forget your turn signal the ONE time all day. Then they and and 2 to 4our back up cars surround you and at that point you are going to don't have to do anything wrong...but when the lynchin party gets together they ain't goin home without a proper hanging.

Cops in D.C., unless you run someone over in front of them (even then), they are not stopping. I assume it is because they get paid $10,000 more than a Georgia Cop and don't depend heavily on ticket sales to make revenue. OOOOR it is because there are real issues facing Washingtonians every night and cops need to address those issues, not me running a yellow/red light ("yo officer that junk was like pink and i'm color blind")
My point is i don't like the style of policing in the south and it adds to that gloomy depressing feeling I (and others i've heard from) experince when they visit the south after a hiatus.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday break.
enjoy family and close friends, they are who matter most
Peace, Love and good Beer!

*please note that i refer to the state of GA, not one city, because true talk, most of north GA, from Bartow to gainesville is just one big city.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

my bad my bad

Ok so i've been debating on buying a flordia shirt ALL season long.
but flordia is good, and i like Tebow.
SO yesterday, finally i run by the store to "look" at the shirt again, and it is GONE! the store is closing and all the team shirts are GONE! ok ok so i'm walking around the store, and there in the corner is a Flordia hoodie, My size! ok its a sign right and it is on sale for 6 bucks!? oh yea that is a sign.

I bought the hoodie
i get home late last night, in the first uhh ten minutes i hear from two people "eww why are you wearing that."
After the second comment, i riped off the hoddie, called my best friend to repent.

Anyone want a brand new hoodie?
20 bucks! ;-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



you HAVE to listen to this!
Cam Jus!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Beer of the Week-Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

the problem is drank the beers so quickly with friends that i didn't have time to "review" the beer-and the 10.0% alcohol level will creep up to you...

Ba- "A common profile amongst Stouts, but not in all cases, is the use of roasted barley (unmalted barley that is kilned to the point of being charred) which lends a dry character to the beer as well as a huge roasted flavor that can range from burnt to coffee to chocolate"

Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout is a Russian Imperial Stout-The King Of Stouts. In comparison RISs typically contain a dried fruit or chocolate taste. The thick motor oil feel is not for everyone, not even an average Guinness drinker. Check out a bottle next time you are out-you can traditional find these sold as singles at hometown bottle shop.
I recommend testing your sobriety after your second one--better to be safe than sorry!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You HAVE to Check Out This Dog


where is my bail out?

Fannie Mae Fat Cats Make Millions while company Fails Testify on Capitol Hill
Illinois Governor Taken into Custody for Allegedly Trying to Sell Obama's Vacant Senate Seat
15 Billion Dollar Bail "Loan" for the Big Three

(btw that is the fifth Illinois Gov. in forthy years to go to jail, and the last governor is still in jail)

Im not an economist, heck i never got higher than a B in math, so please check my math for me
AIG gets 150 Billions dollars in November plus 700 Billion dollars to bailout US Banks uh 850 Billion plus 15 Billion for the Big Three uh 865 Billion-that wasn't as hard as i thought it would be--i've never had to work with BILLIONS

I went to school, i did well, i did civil service, i did an "advanced" program, i work hard, i didn't give myself a 70 million dollar salary, i haven't laid off 1.2 million of my closest friends, i carpool, i'm frugal when i party
can i write a letter? How do i apply and why should i have to? a 300 dollar stimulus check does not bail-out the typical American who suffers from this economy. The breadwin father who loses his job and the family who has to survive on moms part time job. The single parent who loses their house with a bamboozled loan.
865 billion/15 Million or so people is about 56,000 a person...thats enough to bail me out and get me a vacation for the next year or three (mind you my vacation involves a backpack and supplies :-P) I know 56,000 won't buy back a house-but it is a heck of a down payment, or a cushion til someone finds another job, pay off medical bills, student loans, the unnecessary American debts. 56,000 is a stimulus check-i'll write a proposal, bike over to the Hill, testify that i messed up and i need help, present my plan, and walk away with my check. Who wants to come with?

Monday, December 8, 2008


I am cold-
I've decided to quit smoking. Yep, about 15 minutes ago.
I feel that by posting this it will give my decision a little more weight
so if you are out with me and you see me smoking-which you should not because i really do want to quit now and forever-smack the cig out of my mouth... not me, the cig


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ha, I called it!

And i have witnesses and Facebook to support- I called Flordia over Bama 10 plus! and guess what? I didn't make a cent off of it :-(

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Real Quick Like: Alexa Wilkinson

Alexa Wilikinson Needs YOUR Help!
(the blond in the middle)

When you have a second (and you probably do right now because you are reading this) Check out her page and her video and vote!

rock on!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Beer of the Week: Shiner Bock Hefeweizen



Ba A south German style of wheat beer (weissbier) made with a typical ratio of 50:50, or even higher, wheat. A yeast that produces a unique phenolic flavors of banana and cloves with an often dry and tart edge, some spiciness, bubblegum or notes of apples. Little hop bitterness, and a moderate level of alcohol. The "Hefe" prefix means "with yeast", hence the beers unfiltered and cloudy appearance. Poured into a traditional Weizen glass, the Hefeweizen can be one sexy looking beer.

Often served with a lemon wedge (popularized by Americans), to either cut the wheat or yeast edge, which many either find to be a flavorful snap ... or an insult and something that damages the beer's taste and head retention.

This is my first Shiner, and after this one, i'll be sure to check out some of Shiner's other products. I killed a six pack of these bottles with out noticing, and when i did notice i was sad. I drink for flavour and I drink for drinkability, this Hefe-Weizen has both-i question if it is 50:50, and there is no need for a lemon or orange because there are plenty, maybe to many, in the bottle. A bit of an unpleasant acid/vinous aftertaste For 7 bucks a six pack there is no reason not to try this Texas's brew out.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You know, C P time (Beer of the Week Take 1)


Woooow i'm late! Sorry, i promised Beer of the Week on Monday, it is nearing Thursday! Let me Explain.
I moved on Saturday and yea thats it (it sounded better in my head)

BEER OF THE WEEK: Cranberry Lambic

Just in time for the Holidays Samuel Adams unleashes a Winter Classics Variety Pack, two bottles of six distinctive beers. And of the 6ix, Cranberry Lambic will likely catch your eye first and disappoint you the most. If you are like me the word "lambic" leaves you with a dumb look on your face. You can relax because this is not a real lambic. Just as champagne is not champagne unless it is bottled in Champagne, France :: a lambic is not a lambic unless it is brewed in Pajottenland, Belgium. Aside from that minor detail a lambic is brewed using spontaneous fermentation and possess a clear vinous finish, Cranberry Lambic does not-and that maybe a good thing.

Don't Drink This Cold-I'll be honest, this beer isn't great, but it does deserve more credit, the balance between cranberry and yeast is impeccable; the finish is crisp and light like a wine, less the vinous/lambic feel. It does great before, during and after dinner, this unique "Boston Lambic" is worth an unbiased try. Buy the Variety Pack, (the beer is only available in the VP, and was M.I.A. for the last two year) you get 5ive awesome beers and one iffy one, and if you hate it you can pass it off to a friend.

Eat Drink and be Merry.

How to Review a Beer

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was talking to Cory Fox late last week and the conversation about the holidays came up. Cory, myself, and Sts, are the only people i know who haaaaaate the holidays...the very thought of them brings me anger/rage/annoyance. I don't know why really-but until Jan 1st, 2009 i am going to be one angry smartelect ball of gloom.
For starters, i hate how on Thanksgiving/Xmas/New Years i have to endure the noise of two dozen extra text- "Happy Thanksgiving!"-"happy thanksgiving!" yadda-it is better this year because i have unlimited text, but in years past when i didn't, Ewwww i use to get so mad!

This year is the first year that i am not having a Thanksgiving...i don't know how i feel about that yet-i freaked out at 10:30 last night and ran to shoppers to buy stuffing-then proceeded to make my grandfathers oyster stuffing, though i haven't had it since 2000, and i never actually saw how he made it. I want to call my folks but they are island hoping and i'd call my sister but i'm almost positive we've never spent a Thanksgiving together, so to call her today would be like calling her any other day.
So i'm gonna go play some rockband with my cuz and go to work. I can already feel my blood pressure rising....the same way i feel after hearing MMBOP more than twice in a year.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gheeeeetttttooo Faaaaabbbbuuuulllooouuussss

By LaChaBenn for

She goes, I want a Chardonnay Riesling.
I say, Yes, Chardonnay OR Riesling.
No Ma'am they are two different wines, Chardonnay OR Riesling.
Oh well just give me a red wine.

I go
I come back with a cheap Pinot Noir

No No No i said RED wine, that shit is purple or somethin....
But ma'am this is...
i walk away

Sunday, November 16, 2008

coming soon to


starts Nov. 24th!
pre-game at (username-LaChaBennDotcom)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


After today i will be stuc--i mean committed to the D.C. area until May 31st (at the earliest)
Soooooo no Colorado, St. Louis or Chat-town....but we always have the summer!

btw, some people and you Don't know who you are-Need to grow up! If you have something to say to someone, just tell them-at the right time! we are all adults! Don't let sexual frustration, or your closet need to be with the same sex get in the way of your maturity. And if you look around and you don't have many friends, it is not other people it is You. We all have these people in our lives. Buck up, Man up and Grow up! we need more direct communication in this world, there is enough bitching already.
i know that was a little inappropriate, but it happens

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hit the ground running

by LaChaBenn for LaChaBenn 

...and I’m driving up Georgia Ave, and this PT passes me with a sticker “Draft SUV Drivers First,” and I’m like thats stupid. I keep driving. I’m out of it. Long week. I break just before hitting the silver Acura in front of me. The PT stops for the light next to me. It is windy, freezing. Her windows are cracked. I roll down my window...Heellllo. Excuse me, Missss. ...Reluctantly she rolls down her window. I bullshit--I like your bumper sticker, I’m considering trading in my truck for a car similar to yours, how do you do on gas?LIIIEEES- I think she grinned, she looks at her funky PT gauges for what? the answer? She sees it! Looking at me she says close to 20. Riight. So I go. Oh really? Nevermind then, I average 24. I roll up my window, but I have to sit there because the light is still red. I don’t care that she is looking at me or that her window is still down or that she knows...

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Otherside Nov6th

Oh you didn't hear? The Best Party All Year!

More pictures

on facebook!

Get some

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Front Page of the Washington Post D-Day

States to Watch

Time--Electoral Votes--States

7 pm—58— Georgia, Indiana, Virgina
7:30 pm—25—Ohio
8 pm–171– Florida, Missouri, N.H., Pennsylvania,
8:30 pm–21–North Carolina
9 pm–150--- Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,
10 pm–26–Iowa, Montana, Nevada
11 pm–84–North Dakota
1 am–3–Alaska

The winning candidate must have 270
Let the games begin

Monday, November 3, 2008

its just not right

– the fact that Monday Night Football is always on ESPN (except when the game is regional) Football is The American Sport, hell the rest of the world knows football–excuse me futbol-- as an entirely different sport. There is something “unamerican”

the idea that in order to watch a staple of america one needs to subscribe to a network.
about the fact that one needs to subscribe

The myth goes if the Redskins lose before an election day a Democrat wins, if they win a Republican.

One day (part 2)

My breathing has slowed. I can't wait any longer.
I need to know now.

I am glad that i already voted. I am thankful that i don't have to wait in a line frustrated, anxious, panicked.

Whichever canidate takes Virgina (closes at 7) and Pennsylvania (closes at 8) he will take the race.
But if those states split one Obama, one McCain we are in for a long night.

hold on tight

Effect and Affect


Effect and Affect

Which of these sentences are correct?

1. Rising oil prices will have an effect on nearly everyone.
2. Her emotional outburst was purely for effect.
3. The new policies go into effect next month.
4. The trade embargo effected the rise in oil prices.
5. Rising oil prices affect nearly everyone.
6. The elderly couple next door was severely affected by the cold this winter.
7. The psychologist on the witness stand noted the alleged murderer’s disturbing affect during the confession.

All of these sentences correctly employ “effect” and “affect.”

In most situations, we use “effect” as a noun and “affect” as a verb.

One day


Until our Nation's fate is decided


Saturday, November 1, 2008


there are no words for this...



P- "Hey Natalie, you make a good brothel whore."

N- "I'm not a fucking whore, i am an 80's prom queen!"

two fights
a girl getting punched in the face by a big dude
a girl passed out in her puke
and a car going the wrong way on the highway
...i'm never going out for halloween again.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Quote


"I'm not gonna vote for uhh for the black guy because he don't believe in the American flag."

33 y/o female resident of Prince Williams County, Virgina

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The stipulations to Eastern Motors Car give away



“Redskins Super Ride Sweepstakes
Brought to you by Easterns Automotive Group and Vehix” Sweepstakes

If, during any one of the Designated Games* all four of the following players: Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, Antwaan Randle El, and Chris Cooley each individually score either a rushing or receiving touchdown or the return of a kick (Jason Campbell must catch a pass and score a touchdown for it to count as a receiving touchdown for him) (collectively, “Qualifying Touchdowns”), Easterns will randomly pick one registered name as the winner. The winner will then get to choose one of the players’ cars from the list below (“Grand Prize”):

Jason Campbell’s S 550 Mercedes Benz
Chris Cooley’s CL 550 Mercedes Benz
Clinton Portis’ Maserati GranTurismo
Antwaan Randle El’s Bentley GT

To count as a successful touchdown, the touchdown must be recorded as an official NFL statistic. A touchdown nullified by a penalty will be ineligible and will not be considered for the purposes of this sweepstakes."

Like really?

Thursday, October 16, 2008



I love Batman! I love politics what more can you ask for

Have Eight minutes to spare? OF COURSE YOU DO WHY ELSE WOULD YOU BE HERE?
ok, so the first video is episode 1, the second episode 2, and the third is the debate. all videos are under 3 minutes, all videos have awesome parallels.



and the Debate


Real Quick Like

This is one of those cases where it is important to remember that possessive pronouns never take apostrophes, even though possessive nouns do (see it’s/its). “Who’s” always and forever means only “who is,” as in “Who’s that guy with the droopy mustache?” or “who has,” as in “Who’s been eating my porridge?” “Whose” is the possessive form of “who” and is used as follows: “Whose dirty socks are these on the breakfast table?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

alternative medicine


..i stink right now so i'll make this quick

Monday, I went out to dinner with some GU folks. At some point we talked about Acupuncture, Chiropractors, and other Alternative medicine, yadda. This was the second time in a week that the conversation was brought up. I'm not one for pills or meds, or drs period. But I def don't subscribe to the "A.M" crowd, like my mother, sister and from what i've learned Amanda too.

TUESDAY, i wake up and can't move my flipping neck....the pain extends from the neck to my right shoulder. VERY VERY BAD I've always had lower back pains (and by "always" i mean, post Americorps), and then two weeks ago i felt a 'pop' in the middle of my back. So in short there is something VERY WRONG.

So i call my mom, my mom calls her brother, my uncle, my uncle calls me. I go "yea, i'll take a pill and go to PT" he was like "No No, you need to go to the Chiropractor so you can figure this out,"... me- "uhhh those aren't real Doctors." He goes "Lauren, i felt the same way, but after he did what he did, i could have married that man"----and my Uncle is NOT gay friendly.
SO Uncles orders, i'm going to get my back realigned.

And maybe i'll be will take a lot more for me to do Acupuncture.
Maybe i'll get some medicinal herbs....

Side Note, has anyone heard the CNN story about some husband who named is Baby Sarah-McCain Palin...WITHOUT TELLING HIS INDUCED WIFE. Sts sent me a text this morning to tell me, i haven't read it yet, but i will post the link when i find it.

you need to pay attention (and read)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Real Quick Like


The Post Office next to the National Post Office Museum (a block down from Union Station, two blocks up from the GU law center) is open until 11:58 pm! That is almost Midnight! On Saturday it is open til 8, and ON SUNDAY TOO!!! It is the coolest thing!

Grandpa would be proud!

Monday, October 13, 2008

You know what


Never mind

Also, last night I had a table of five guys come in. They were from out of town. One guy, Greg, and I got into a deep conversation after he asked “Lauren, McCain or Obama?”
“No comment!”
He pries “come on, McCain or Obama,”
So I tell him the timeline-“ I was undecided until last month, it was Tuesday during the DNC. Obama named Biden as his running mate-It made me raise my eyebrows, then wedensday Obama gave his speech, Thursday AM, McCain picked Palin, and I was done”
The table laughs. Then a long conversation about Palin’s incompetence.
Which brings me to a point–If everyone knows what an idiot, and incompetent leader she is, then why is she a potential vice president? Her foreign policy is “I’m neighbors with Russia,” when asked “what foreign newsfeeds do you read?” she CANT answer the QUESTION. Seriously, is this some kind of joke!? If anything, I can’t vote for McCain, because McCain lacks common sense. Who, with basic education, can possibly believe that Palin is the most qualified (woman if must) in the GOP to co-lead this country? McCain. Who, with basic education, thinks it is a good idea to pick fights with several countries despite the fact that his/her country is in a depression, whos military is spread thin, whos country is littered with starving, beating children (ie kids in the freezer), unemployed professionals, forecloser victims and Hurricane “refugees?” McCain. Is there a hidden camera somewhere? Is this really happening?
I’m infuriated, and I’ve never been like this about this upcoming election, I’ve stayed neutral and silent. NOT ANYMORE. This is worse then Bush/Gore-at least the nation did not know what an incompetent fool Bush was/is. We can see, thru his actions, what an incompetent candidate McCain is.
Seriously, Alberta is doing a mad hiring of U.S. citizens...but damn it is cold up there.
Also, Greg spoke with me about a state lobbying position in Illinois it is cold up there too....hmmm yeaaaaa.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sucks to be at the top

Lets talk College football real quick like...

GO BULLDOGS (10), if we lost to Tenn(17) for the forth week in a row I’d be more than ashamed, I’d have to give my friends at UT credit..and I don’t want to do that. 26-14!
GAAAATTTOOORRSS (11) over LLLLSU (4), HECK YEA, first born son Brady, second born son TEBOW-LEEKS, cause at the end of the day, I love the f-ing Gators (DO NOT TELL ANYONE THAT) 51-21!
Tex-Tex-Texas! (5) Be-Be-Beat the Sooners, (1) DAMN what a good game. 45-30
Torledo beats Michigan–sorry STS but the hand state and I are not cool, esp with Rodriguez as the coach, yea I know they lost a ton of Seniors last year, but that is NO excuse( remember GA post 2005 SEC championship, we lost EVERYONE and in a year we were contenders for the NATIONAL championship)..and I don’t like Rodriguez 13-10

I don’t like you Bama, enjoy I hope you enjoyed your Bi-we’ll see you in the SEC playoffs

Yo, did anyone see the The Final Verdict on ESPN CFF, “Who is best QB Tebow or McCoy?” It was hilarious! The jury is still out. Vote here.

Oh and go is a tissue Redskins eww and you too Ravens (hey cara- “Ha-Ha”)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Than Vs. Then

yea this is more for me THAN you,


Unlike then, than is not related to time. Than is used in comparative statements.

~He is taller than I am.
~Other than the interest on a small inheritance, he had no income.
~Today's students certainly do seem to read less than students in previous generations did.


Then is used either as a time marker or with a sequence of events.

~I took all of the exams in the morning, and then I spent the rest of the day catching up on sleep.
~Back then we knew what was expected of us.
~I bought apples from this orchard last summer, but I seem to remember paying more for them then.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

13 seconds

*i gotta be honest, i am slightly fearful for this. I know a lot of you are die hard Republicans...don't get me wrong, i am not die hard but i am a Maverick! However i will admit when something stinks, even if the stench is coming from myside of the fence. So if you are a republican who cannot admit when you are weak or the party is weak, Just ignore this.

PBS has an online poll posted asking if Sarah Palin isqualified. Apparently the right wing knew about thisin advance and are flooding the voting with YES votes.
The poll will be reported on PBS and picked up bymainstream media. It can influence undecided votersin swing states.
Please do two things -- takes 20 seconds.
1) Click on link and vote yourself.
Here's the link:
2) Then send this to every single Obama-Biden voteryou know, and urge them to vote and pass it on.
The last thing we need is PBS saying their viewersthink Sarah Palin is qualified.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The best thing about Fall



Sunday, October 5, 2008



i honestly believe that OJ Simpson did not do the crimes that he was found gulity for
i honestly believe that the all white jury KNEW that they were going to find him gulity before they heard the facts
i honestly believe that OJ killed two people 14 years ago
and i honestly believe that he deserves what he is about to get (sentenced to)

Karma is a bitch

Dr. Phil is actually doing a decent special on this on this week

Monday, September 29, 2008



TheraFlu (lemon lime) + Airborne (lemon lime)+ 6 ounces of water = MIRACLE!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

its the weirdest thing


After Hurricanes Rita and Katrina the south east lost gas foooor what was it? a week? Yea a week at best.
I get a text early last week from STS "hey do you all have a gas shortage?" ME-"NOPE"

I turn on CNN yesterday Morning and here a story about the crisis, i get online, and see this

and then this!

its been weeks since IKE, this is scary. My parents filled up in Macon GA for $4.50 a gallon, that sucks

i just wantted to share what the rest of the country is going thru
And thank you Governor Purdue for not canceling the Georgia Game......even though we lost :-(

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some people...

I heard from an Ex-"friend" this week. We were bf's until she picked her abusive boyfriend over me. For the first two days i was crushed. By day three i was over it. I realized it was her damn problem not mine. We all have issues but not all of us are mature enough or ready to admit them. And i'm a good friend, i know this because i have a lot of them... in person, i'm not talking about the "pierce queer kids in cyber space"
So when i talked (facebooked) to my Ex-BF this week, i cracked a joke, and she came back at me with "Ouch, i'm sensitive. . . D.C. has hardened you" Ha, well maybe, but last time i checked i've always been borderline apathetic.

SO this week i also let go of a "friend" i use the word loosely because i feel like people who can just toss people out of their lives nonchalantly were never friends, just parasites, manipulative or lonely and when i happened to be there. Its funny, because i went thru the same emotions i went thru when i lost X. I was Crushed, probably worse then a break up CRUSHED, for maybe 24 hours. Then i had the Eureka moment. When i become friends with people i shouldn't look at them, i should look at the people currently around them....or not around them. They say the same is true with you start dating someone. You should examine how their last break up began and ended. Same is true with potential friends. How many true friends do they currently have, how do they meet other people, how many relationships do they retain from their past.
Its like an equation: if someone has ex's how many? and if someone went to college, how many friends do they retain? divided the two numbers, that is the percentage or likely hood that y'alls friendship will work. Ok so i bullshited that.....BUT SEE i'll admit when i fuck up! Others cannot or have a hard time admitting, like when one talks about their "standards," and "credibility." But in all realness lack both (this based on their past "relationships.") I can feel bad for them, give them their space, but in time i learn to just forgive and forget about it. Some people are insecure...and again some of us are not mature enough or ready to admit them.
And i need to Do Me right now so i can't worry about it right now. I know i'm a good friend, if one fails too appreciate it then que chu-cha! I learned that one in college, its slang for "WHATEVER." but don't say it around someone from Peru, Columbia or uhhh i forget the other country.....

Some people are just plain dumb asses. JOHN MCCAIN. don't get me wrong, i def voted for the old man in the primary, even had the sticker on my car, But this BS about "oh well i'm going to stop campaigning because the country is in a financial crises" WTF? Dude, we are under 50 days, the country is not going to change with the senate offering a buyout. And MCCAIN where were you when all this crap was going down? McCain almost NEVER voted while senator, (i'll find this record online, because right now i only have it in hard copy) but you think it matters that now you give a fuck? Old man, you've lost it! FIrst Palin then this, i respect you a lot, but i'm not gonna stand for any more bullshit. If McCain was not running for president he wouldn't give two flipps! Six weeks left...Canada here i come?

like always i didn't proofread!
hey i'm sick!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rules of the Road# 1615


Is a damn good beer maker!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You know what Grinds my Gears?

? do you care

What are the point of head phones when people turn them up SOOO LOOOUD that i can hear verbatim, ver- rhythm everything they are listening to.
At 8 a.m. i don't want to hear Lil Wayne on one side of me and Anne Lenex on my other really Grinds my Gears.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Strange Events

So i go to the grocery store. I pick my items, pay and head towards the exit. Ten meters before the door a lady stops me: "excuse me can you help me?"
I'm assuming she wants money. She is African. On skin, she looks complacent, but underneathe she looks in desprete need of something...
"what do you need?" I ask. I am in a rush, my dog is in the car, i have many things to do, i want to go home.
She looks up at me, almost embarrassed, "can you write on a cake?"
I am so dumbfounded that i admit, without realizing what i am committing to that "yes, i have experience in pastry."
When i left Atlanta, i was working as EXPO of a fine dinning restaurant...the only problem was, we didn't have customers (Southerns are more thrifty than Yankees when the economy went tough, the rich stopped spending long before the poor did).
In my down time at Aquaknox, we, Summer and I, practiced our calligraphy. Only instead of ink we used melted semi-chocolate, and instead of paper, we used $65 glass and china plates.

The women and I, walk back to the cake. She pays for it, and is asked by the cashier "so you found someone?" Now i think this is a prank. I look at the exit for cops, i look up for cameras. I check my basket "am i accidentally stealing something?" i think. Before i realize i am following the two women to a back area, behind the counter of the bakery, with a cake, my shopping basket, my cell phone, which is blowing up.
The lady who first approach me does not speak English well, i have trouble understand. I do get that she wants "Happy Birthday" written on the cake....i have trouble writing with a pen and paper, but icing and..and whatever, i can do! Only she ask me to write in cheap green granulated sugar frosting, not $6 dollar per ounce, imported, perfectly melted semi chocolate...and then she ask for her sister's names to be placed on the cake. "Uhh ok, lets see what happens," is my response.

It was something out of a movie, and when i was done, with what i consider to be the worst pastry art i've ever attempted. The smile on her face is almost worth the 20 extra minutes i spent in the store.
I can't help but laugh the entire time. And as i exit stage right, the cashiers and the dyke security guard that ALWAYS finds a way to slow down my shopping experince praise and admire the cake. A cake which i consider a disaster.

the short. I enjoy helping strangers. You get something out of it. Something that money will not give you. I hope her sister enjoys the cake. I hope the women tells her sister what she went thru to get "Happy Birthday Florence" on the damn cake. And most of all, i hope she appreciates it.

weird, but yea, that was the end of my friday, and my beer went south (warm) by the time i got back to my car.

no proof reading. I'm buzzed and sleep deprived.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Team USA, or Team Phelps?

A majority of the World catches the fever that is the Olympics. The competition, watching the best of the best take action at their given talent. The colors, the anthems, the tears, the sweat, the blood. It really brings the pride out of you, similar to that blanket of pride that hits a nation after they've been attacked (9/11, Euro train bombings, Hiroshima) only this pride is a result of something positive.

Sooo with being said, and the old cliche "there is not "i" in Team." So tell me why when the Men's U.S. Swim team swam the 4 x100 relay that Phelps got ALLLLL the credit, when he wasn't evenin the lead during his LEG, the others had to bring it back for the Gold FOUR PEOPLE SWAM. Could you say the names of the other three swimmers?
No? understood, because NBC didn't talk about them! so you know Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak, and Garrett Weber-Gale are the reason the US took gold in this race, and mainly, it was Lezak DAMNNN dude what an awesome race...missed it?
here (watch it quick before NBC caps it!)

my point is, there are 200+ men and women who are representing the U.S. Olympic Team they deserve credit too.
Thank you and ROCK ON! GO TEAM USA!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Andreas Eastman


"Andreas Eastman model 60 bows have all the features you expect in a fine pernambuco bow: aged wood, fully mounted ebony frog with colorful mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eyes, leather grip with silver or imitation whalebone winding, and unbleached Mongolian horsehair, all made entirely by hand for an entry level price.

  • Hand-crafted stick of genuine pernambuco wood

  • Nickel-mounted ebony frog with genuine mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eyes

  • Leather and silver wire or imitation whalebone grip"

Entry level price my ass, i just droped $147 bucks on the bottom bow...but boy is she pretty!

next stop, the (national) mall, where i'll be playing for tourist, til i make (yep) $147

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rule of the Game #111

if someone talks about others with you, know that they talk about you with others

Friday, August 1, 2008

July 31st/August 1, 2005

Its almost like 9/11 the day that you'll never forget

Ever since that day i move a little more cautiously. I check my surroundings before i enter my truck. When it is dark outside i peer down every dark alley, every dark drive way, just to make sure...i caution my friends when they walk home alone at put it short i do everything differently now.

I'll never understand why G-d does what he does, allows what he does, takes who he does. I stopped trying four months after the title date. But I hate when August floats back around because then i can't help but question the actions of the higher power.... I'd lost friends before him, but never to a random act of violence: two punk teenagers after a joyride in a freakin Camry?...and to think, he was, is, one of the few people i've encountered whose essence lacked negativity, suffering or pain. He was genuinely a good guy. So why...

...we all take a second look behind us before entering our cars alone, at night.
Brett, you are missed by family and by a Tribe, that will never forget you, or this day.
with love

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*A Reminder

When you hear on the news "X number of U.S. Soiliders Killed in Y" remember that each number represents one person, the people related to that person, and the US community surrounding X's family and friends. Its easy to lose attention, to let the information pass by you unabsorbed.
CaseExample: Cover story of Time Magazine July 28th, 2008 Cover Story: The Right War by Roy Stewart

"There has been a dramatic series of recent attacks by the Taliban: a mass assault on a jail freed hundreds of prisoners, and a suicide bombing outside the Indian embassy on July 7 killed 40 and injured over 100. Many of these assaults are planned and supported from safe havens across the border in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Western troop casualties are climbing; the last two months exceeded the monthly death toll in Iraq. On July 13, nine U.S. soldiers were killed when Taliban fighters swarmed over their base in the eastern province of Kunar — the worst attack in three years."

I remember hearing about that...
Sunday July 13th, 4:30am, U.S. troops of the 2nd Battalion, 503d Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, in Vicenza , Italy, while on search for captured troops, were ambushed in the providence of Kunar, Afghanistan.
"The worse attack in three years," claimed the lives of two Georgians, Cpl. Jonathan R. Ayers, 24, of Snellville and Cpl. Matthew Phillips, 27, from NorthEast, Georgia. Matt was a Son(his mother passed away in 2003 of cancer), a brother (his younger sister Mary had a baby the same day...), a good friend (to Shanks and many others), and a good husband(to Eve, she gave me Sadie Mae...) Can you imagine that number representing, your Son, Sister, college friend, spouse. Someone who passed away for your,our, freedom, now a statistic...
Remember it happens everyday. This "War on Terror" has claimed the life of over 4,000 United State Citizens since 2003. Thats 4,000 communities affected, over 4,000 parents, thousands of siblings, thousands of friends and acquaintances etc. all these connections that trickle out like roots of a large tree, and extend in all directions of and through life, these lives cover much ground.
I'm just sayin...
remember those number represent people, a family member, a friend, a life like mine or yours.

And remember we still have thousands serving over sea, We should be proud of them, no matter how against the "War on Terror" we are and we should NOT forget the true meaning behind those numbers...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

i won't say anything...i dont want people to think i am an angry black woman

I really am getting tired of this stuff

then (mind you this "protest" is a little fishy) and i am no fan of MoveOn

and Fox's "defence"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

its it just me?

I'm watching the ESPY's right now (and let me say that like NONE of my picks have won) and my Boy Just Tim is it just me or is that boy ALWAYS drunk?

Vanessa Carlton LIVE!!!

ha, i don't care, profile me, label me, judge me, but you dont' KNOW ME! I just got off work for Saturday the 28th and i am going to see my girl VC Saturday night in some town above Baltimore, Townson Maryland at Recher Theatre.
I am F-ing STOOKED!
and for you, some awesome music
"hate me or take me, i swear it won't break me or make me."

eww one more!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

(- to +) or how to make a bad night, good

? i'll master how to make a bad week, good!

the day was long. I got to the office at 8 am. The previous night i left at 8 pm. I am doing an internship...i work for free but for reason.
So it is friday, and i have two tickets to a sold out Dark Knight...and yes i have a movie date, my fourth! First, maja-who left the country out of spite; Second, Maja's "friend," who i later find out is trying to get in Maja's pants (i nicked that one); Third, my cuz...he, like we all did at that age, got grounded; Four, my co-classmate/co-work/ . . . who flat out bailed...sooo i go to the theater, tired, alone and slightly frustrated/pissed/upset/longing/depressed/ugh but mostly just tired. I find free street parking (plus #1 so now i'm at negative three) I pick up my tickets (pre ordered mind you or i wouldn't have bothered) and walk away, back to my truck. Half way down Wisconsin i over hear a gentlemen behind me "that F-ing sucks, now we gotta wait another day to see the damn movie." I confront him, he pays 20 bucks for each ticket (negative two...getting better). I'm content,only content, i count my losses, and walk to my truck, only i am lost..
I hit, what i consider to be a dead end, and i contemplate turning around, when i am bum rushed by what i think is a drunk or homeless dude.
I am to tired to realize until this drunk bum says "You're to cool to return my calls," that this "drunk bum" is actually my boy Jake (jump to +1) and i haven't returned his calls, i've been at work (in one capacity or another) ALL WEEK. Only i dig hanging with Jake. Jake, i haven't seen in almost a year, and Jake, i actually look forward to seeing (MCC for life!). He is with a hott chick who i am happy to hear is "his girl." He ask if i want to get drinks...i don't, but it want to hang out with people who "get it," (because so many act like they do, say they do, and Don't) so we walk a block and catch a pub that has cheap beers just because a certain baseball team is playing...Others come, they are equally, at least on the surface, good, fun, people (+2) and hours later i get to drive home buzzed on the highway (something i haven't done in years...mind you i am the person, who in college, use to claim a gold medal in DUI---gainesville/Athens ga will do that to you..)(+3)

to make it better, folks i met last week-end called me to hang tonight, buut i'm going to bed now, i have work in the am.
Not bad, not bad

And what to do if?

i can't get her voice out of my head...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Re:Your Hate Only Drives Me Sucka -- post from my bro

and this

Ok... I've tried to post this 3 times... hopefully this is the last attempt.

I go out to get the mail a few hours ago and I'm greeted with the above debachery. Appartently somebody thought it would be a good idea to destroy mine and my neighbors property. Ya know, I see things all the time that I don't like or nessecarily agree with but I don't take liberties such as the above examples. It's like what was this person thinking? "Hey... Obama, fuck that guy! I'm gonna hold a lighter to this poster for a few minutes.... yeah that's better!" It was probably that or "NO NIGGERS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!"

But that's the thing... I live in a predominatel BLACK neighborhood. I mean there's a sprinkle of white and latino here and there but mostly black folks. So logic would lean mean to believe that a black person did this. Now what's up with that friends? I mean c'mon.. what black person with any shred of common sense would destroy a poster supporting the first REAL black candidate for president? I mean WTF dude? Where's the logic in that? If anything I should be getting comments about how they can acquire one of those posters. But instead someone chose to destroy it.

Black people cmon son! What's with these shenanigans? Im so tired of this black on black bullshit. Don't these people realize how incredible that the front runner for the Democratic party is A BLACK MAN! Segregation wasn't that long ago friends... our parents lived through it. So did our grand parents. We're talking 40-50 yrs ago.. depending on when certain towns decided to act right. And now there's a legit candidate for president who's a black man(well to clarify his dad's black, his mom is white but we all know he's perceived as a black dude. Lets not be silly) and people refuse to embrace how great that is! Even Jesse Jackson... JESSE JACKSON! What the fuck's going on?

I actually read a post today on MSNBC that said even though Obama is leading in the polls things may be different in November because the average American isn't willing to admit they don't feel comfortable voting for a black guy. So people are more willing to LIE bout who they'd vote for than vote for a dude because his SKIN COLOR IS DIFFERNT! Ugh... I think racism is a mental disease. Hell if alcoholism is a disease I think racism should be too. I swear the more things change the more they stay the same. I long for the day where my grandchildren will hopeful have live in a society where these types of shenanigans are over and done with.

Because what does one say in the face of insolent ignorance? People love to not know... people love to believe things that aren't true because the truth is to hard to deal with I suppose? I dunno and I'm growing weary of trying to understand.

So to the deuter responsible for destroying mine and my neighbors property... thanks. You just gave me a reason to give Obama more mone towards his campaign. This time I think I'll buy 2 and if you burn those I'll buy 4. And if those get toasted I'll cop 8! And if you get rid of those I'll make a sign surrounding the property made out of Obama signs, and then create a makeshift flag pole with a flag of Obama's ear to ear smile. You can't stop me. Your hate only drives me futher towards my ambitions and goals. Fucking asshole.....



in reply

I mean honestly i'm upset at powder springs, Because i am not surprised.
(my mom on the other hand (after i fwd her your text) said to me "this is war"..ex black panther go figure)
But then logic and conversation sat in. This is a fight, but this is not a war. This is a fight to educate, this is a fight to bring people, and more specially OUR PEOPLE together. I mean FUCKING Jesse FUCKING Jackson made a Mockery of himself INSULTING Americans only hope, the token "spokes person" of the black community since the late 80's.? When the fuck will people SEE that it is no longer "the man" bring us down, that it is US who bring each other down?
I'm sick of this shit man. And naturally the man who is trying to bring us together is the man getting the blunt of the pain, the igonrate white folk, the ignorant black and brown, the mis informed non-english speaking americas.

that is the only answer. And i swear on my Grandfathers grave if i end up back in Atlanta, I will run for some form of political office.
I can't stand idle man, we, the educated, the strong, the dedicated need to stand up.

i can't stomach this talk with myself anymore...ALERT THE FUCKING PRESS

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blast from the past (feminist should avoid this one ok?)

I labeled someone the other day (eg i guessed her car) based on her personality, and i was right! (almost down to the year and color) so i found this (and it took me forever)and after a few revisions i am reposting it from, i think its two years old, maybe older. I didn't write the first one, just helped, if you are going to get offended, or complain, just don't. Write a letter to the President instead.
"Granted i'm a little buzzed and i'm pissed off at women in general. Buuuut i truly have been meaning to do this. "Do what Chase?" i've been meaning to give you guys (and women who like girls) a heads up on what kind of girls to be weary of. Its a long list, so i'll break it down to segments. This one

CAR Stereotypes

(remember i live in GA, this may not apply to all areas, and there are, of course, exceptions to every rule)

1. Hot chicks drive CIVICS...i'm serious, i've been around for sometime now and i've noticed girls who drive civics are where its at. 90% of the time a girl with a civic is reliable, caring (when you care about her and treat her with respect) and will give their all to you. The same is true for Accords about 70% of the time. But that other 30% beware, they are usually full of themselves and simultaneously lack self-esteem and "are afraid to be alone."(RUUUN!)Oh and BTW just because they are sweet, or caring doesn't mean they are smart or have common sense.

2. Hot chicks also drive BMW's...but 90% of them are stuck up, and or think they are better than the average Joe. And ALL OF THEM (if they are under 30) are daddies girls, so they are use to having everything handed to them on a silver plater...and that is a tough thing to keep up with, and usually its not even worth it. Typically if they are handed everything on a silver platter, they secretly think they are better then you or lack self worth, or the desire to become anything efficient (less house wives) It takes money to get to these rich spoiled women, and 80% of the 90% ARE NOT WORTH THE STRESS. If anything, keep them around for networking! and for friendship (they are shady as heck but its worth a try)

3. PSYCHO Hot chicks drive JEEPS....Folks i'm serious ok, and when i say psycho i'm not saying they are not worth spending SOME time with, but beware OKAY, Jeep chicks are either A.) Obviously have something "off" about them from the get go (i.e. proceed with caution) or B.) will end up freaking out on you when you least expect it. (BreakDown is 50% of Grands Cherokees, and of 90% Liberties, 80% Wranglers and Larados.

4. FAT CHICKS DRIVE MUSTANGS....or closet (but obvious) lesbians....I know i'm going to step on some toes with this one. I live in GA, i know a lot of women/girls with mustangs. In the south, if a chick...women, drives a mustang it usually means she lacks self-esteem, is overweight OR that she really wants to be a with another women. Don't get me wrong...i know about 2 really really hott awesome straight chicks who drive mustangs....but i know about 98 not hot, not awesome weirdo lesbians chicks that drive mustangs.

5. BEWARE OF CHICKS WITH JETTAs...well 25% of them, and those 25% are FUCKED UP enough for me to warn you about the entire group. But the rest of them, the other 75% are great, almost up there with hondas, my ex-finance drove a Jetta, and i still think she rocks. Buuut big things to look out for: either to emotional there or not all(and i mean they don't give a CRAP about anything but themselves, or get way to attached), and most have NO CLUE...they'll say they have every clue in the book, they'll say they get it, buutt not so much. It think they mature slower then most girls..or just enjoy being clueless. However they are super book smart, fun to be around, if you can keep them as friends, do so. Still my ex-date/fool around buddy also drove a jetta and MY GOODNESS i couldn't wait to get rid of her!( Kindaa creepy how "right" she always was..even though she was obviously wrong) So eh, I'm open to feedback here.

6. Beware of chicks who drive large SUV's...not specific, though i don't believe anyone under 5 foot 6 should drive anything larger than a jeep Cherokees--or that Kia thing..ITS NOT SAFE FOR THE REST OF US!!! Typically this is a sign that their dad KNOWS that they are bad drivers...or that they have over baring( CONTROLLING) parents...if they are grown, it means they know they are bad drivers (so you should try to take the keys as much as possible)

*IF a girl drives a stick shift (not jeep girls!, but the others) she is a cool chick and her desirability and sanity goes up 10 to 30%, depending.


What The F?

Professional Sports are no longer Kosher! Celtics were NOT suppose to make it to the Playoffs. If officails weran't bought off, the Cavs would have knocked them out in game 6ix.

If the Euros wearnt so bad at time the Croats would have beat turkey today fair and square. Besides HOW do you get two minutes of stopage time on a 15 minute period? stop thinking about it! its simple, YOU DON"T, Rules say there is NO STOPAGE TIME IN OVER TIME
here are some highlights....if you care, cause i don't

I don't know why i get so attached to my teams...its gotta be a southern thing....i could see myself having a heart attack after UGA loses an important game...Breath 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-Exhale

Wednesday, June 18, 2008



Looks like Georgia Tech has some Competition for parking GSU is set to start game play in the 2010 football season. And better yet, they just picked a coach! Bill Curry, doesn't sound familiar? yea, well GSU is going to pay him $350,000 a year/5ive year contract, plus 50,000 incentive bonuses AND a $500 a month car allowance. Sweet gig, and Curry, despite his lack of mane recognition, has a a pretty extensive football career (<~~PDF doesn't work, look for link on the left )

Georgia folks who love College football (that is about 75% of us and the 15 of the remaining 25% are mentally and legally incapacitated) know that Georgia's second largest school Kennesaw State University is working on its freshmen football team. And i assure you, come 2010(ish), Georgia fans are going to have two more power house teams to be proud of.

is that bacon i smell?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

East Coast for Life!


thank Goodness i didn't put that 500 bucks on the Lakers for Game 6ix

Monday, June 9, 2008


i'm at GU ;-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sport or just to much violence in society?


I love Dana White man, he just seems like a good dude.

i don't like how its ok when we have episodes like 24 on tv, which is a hit, and people die every episode. Football, where, you die on the field, or just shot people off the field, But Society is going to attack Mixed Martial Arts?
No way Jose!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lassiez faire

My friend Bill Wilson said "Let go and let G-d," that is a pretty damn good idea.

I am currently editing clips from the Morehouse's Graduation so LOOK OUT! Highest honors to Brother Kyle for completing his degree With honors And in 4our years.

Sara just reminded me of a website:
the site was better before they added the "Hug or Shrug" feature, it reminds me to much of hot or not.....
It will make you feel better about any situation you face; reminds you that things could be worse

zoom zoom

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Okay Okay Okay

I hear back about my final student loan tuesday. At this point i've earned enough to study and live in dc, but not enough to eat, drink, chill, pay bills, drive, buy dog food, to live.
My loan officer says "well you know in these times its nearly impossible to get a loan,-"Yo newsflash Jon, you should keep those comments to yourself"-- but I have hope that this will work out. I also have plans "F" and "G" and then i'm back to P7.
Why, in a country known for it's easy access to opportunity, a country whose average IQ drops with the premier of every new reality show, is it so hard to obtain education?
I have a better chance of getting a house and a car. Wait i did just bought a car! and it cost less Before financing than my education.
I hate to sound old fashion but i remember the good ole days when getting into a good school, was the hard part...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


i thought singles got back $600 bucks from the stimulus package, i just got mine and its only $300 bucks! What is that?! Less than a third of what i got back in my return, A freakin bill thats what it is. How am i gonna stimulate the economy by paying off debt? (hint: that is a rhetorical question, but the answer is I CAN'T)
Perhaps some...maybe super young adults (17-20), college kids or just anyone with zero "real responsibility...." will stimulate the economy by blowing their 300bills on a cloths, pot, beer, cigs, and other random junk. Cool!
Well its better than nothing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Real Quick Like


I'm gonna quit Cursing, no more potty mouth for me.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Langston Understands


i just heard back from Georgetown about my financial aid: $0

They regretfully tell me to go to a private lender...they know what most people know, the housing market crash/lendee crash/ high foreclosure rate means THERE ARE NO MORE LOANS

i've never felt so numb, sober.

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

P7 backwards to see the sky

Follow up: I'm not giving up this easily, I'm an Americorp Veteran for Christ Sake! Watch me do me!

Rule of the Game #51


We All know what happens when we ASSUME....we make ASSes out of yoU and ME.

Happy Cinco De Mayo Y'all!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh No they got Dateline too


Its 7:00 on a Sunday, so i turn on Dateline the Information windows says:"New, "Messiest Celebrity Meltdowns", (2008), Correspondent Hoda Kotb details shocking behavior by celebrities captured on tape. "




Real quick like Sunday is a happening day, i'm having lunch with Vincent Price's great great grandniece of a second cousin.

In Atlanta:
Its take your dog to the Braves game. No extra Ticket needed for your dog.
It is the last day of the Georgia O'Keeffe's Exhibit at the High, also the High is doing this Civil Rights movements thing and Shelia Pree Bright photography will be there!

In D.C.: Lisa Jaeggi is preforming at the Black Cat In Adams Morgan 8 p.m.
check out her One Republic Remix!

: The REI Anniversary Sale!!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can't Sleep Clowns will eat Me

I've been going out a lot lately, partly due to the fact that I am leaving Atlanta soon and I am trying to "bask in the ambiance." But maybe also to distract from the overall scheme of things:
--- Just an acceptance letter (to Georgetown) in my hand and the little sanity i have left.
little nervous...., i am freaking out

buuuuut i'd much rather be worried about lets say, Georgetown, than who is seeing who, and who sleeping with who and isn't suppose to know and finding out the ex is the boss of yadda yadda yadda "Ya Trick Yaa!" (...i still can't believe a 17 year old became a millionaire off of that song)

I almost don't want to leave Atlanta this time its not that, i said that?

Atlanta people are concerned, it seems, mostly with chilling, getting by and Drama. Chilling cause its easy (i've never met so many people taking the 7 plus year college route..and still go straight thru...but hey why not?), Getting By, because the economy is ROUGH right now on everyone but esp my generation, those with little wealth and a O' LOTTA debt! and the Drama because its a cheap easy way to give people that "i'm important" feeling. And its temporary if need be, so it a great way to bring excitement to an otherwise boring life.
I like the idea of just minding my own business, loving all no matter what (yes, even if you don't like, or agree with them), and (my fav) getting a meaningful life!

I can't stay in a place where I DO NOT GROW:
I think working in a restaurant again was a good and bad idea, good because I've met a lot of kick ass people. BAD, because i've meet a lot of selfish, IGNORANT, greedy, DUMB, drama filled self righteous (mainly Buckhead) people that make me understand why this world is headed for self destruction. "Lay down with Dogs, and you'll Wake up with Fleas,"---Ben Franklin.

The complacent, the number of people who concentrate on "Just Being" gives me chill bumps. So i gotta jet cause whatever game was playing when i got here wasn't the game I got tickets for.

No to spending time/money getting a degree in order to "serve" people the rest of ones life, and i am not, and will never knock anyone who does so (or exotic dancers), it is good money, it does buy houses, and cars. But not fucking happiness,
I'd rather be dead broke on the side of the road during legally pro-bono work, or anything GOOD for people, and happy, than, waste away the talent, and the intellect that i worked so hard to obtain.

In D.C. i feel like everyone serves some kind of significant purpose to the overall scheme of things, and stats don't lie, the DC area (MoCo) is about 60% smarter than the overall Atlanta area. Meaning 9 out of 10 people i run in to will be able to carry on a decent conversation, compared to the 3 to 10 ratio in the "Dirty South" My genes are getting wet just thinking about all the "brain-EE-acts"

i'm rambling.....six hours of sleep to 48 hours of Go will do that to you.....where's the nyquil?.....

not gonna proof read

Serenity Pray
and good night

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Real Quick Like

This is my week of NO DRINKING. definitely maxed out my party intake this week. Don't get me wrong, i had a lot of fun, but i am getting to old for this.

1. D.B. Hobbs, Great Buy, not bad taste, Worse hangover you'll ever have off of four beers! (if you don't usually get a hangover off of four beers)

2. Doesn't matter who you are, or who you love. There is an awesome show on Thursday at MSR RAW TALENT 2008 is down to two! Come out and catch a great act the one and only SKYLER LEE!!!!!!!!! Click on the link, you'll get all the info for the show. $3 Jager Bombs too!

3. and this for serious ...Sean Bell..was shot dead by Three Off duty, plain clothes Cops (two black one white, and No that doesn't matter) 50 times. Yes 5ive zer0. Meaning at least two of the officers had to reload. Sean Bell, shot dead November 25th 2006, hours before he was to be married, was unarmed outside of a night club.
Why officers, off duty and plain clothed, are allowed to go out, and possibly drink, at clubs, AND STILL CARRY THEIR GUNS is beyond me.
What is farther beyond me is that a Queens City Judge (corrupted) ruled that all three Officers where not guilty of a crime. I rarely agree with Al Sharpton, but this Is INJUSTICE.
Don't be complacent with this society, its all kinds of wrong Justice for Sean Bell

4. the NFL draft is about to start [I got a Big Ole Smile on my Face!]...i said no more beer, but i have one Coors left, and they ARE sponsoring the draft, so i need to thank them in some way?
Matt Ryan is to not strong enough for Atlanta, Falcons need southern Blood on the field, they need DJ Shocley as a QB Hands down, thats my story and i'm sticking to it.