Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sucks to be at the top

Lets talk College football real quick like...

GO BULLDOGS (10), if we lost to Tenn(17) for the forth week in a row I’d be more than ashamed, I’d have to give my friends at UT credit..and I don’t want to do that. 26-14!
GAAAATTTOOORRSS (11) over LLLLSU (4), HECK YEA, first born son Brady, second born son TEBOW-LEEKS, cause at the end of the day, I love the f-ing Gators (DO NOT TELL ANYONE THAT) 51-21!
Tex-Tex-Texas! (5) Be-Be-Beat the Sooners, (1) DAMN what a good game. 45-30
Torledo beats Michigan–sorry STS but the hand state and I are not cool, esp with Rodriguez as the coach, yea I know they lost a ton of Seniors last year, but that is NO excuse( remember GA post 2005 SEC championship, we lost EVERYONE and in a year we were contenders for the NATIONAL championship)..and I don’t like Rodriguez 13-10

I don’t like you Bama, enjoy I hope you enjoyed your Bi-we’ll see you in the SEC playoffs

Yo, did anyone see the The Final Verdict on ESPN CFF, “Who is best QB Tebow or McCoy?” It was hilarious! The jury is still out. Vote here.

Oh and go is a tissue Redskins eww and you too Ravens (hey cara- “Ha-Ha”)

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