Thursday, August 21, 2008

You know what Grinds my Gears?

? do you care

What are the point of head phones when people turn them up SOOO LOOOUD that i can hear verbatim, ver- rhythm everything they are listening to.
At 8 a.m. i don't want to hear Lil Wayne on one side of me and Anne Lenex on my other really Grinds my Gears.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Strange Events

So i go to the grocery store. I pick my items, pay and head towards the exit. Ten meters before the door a lady stops me: "excuse me can you help me?"
I'm assuming she wants money. She is African. On skin, she looks complacent, but underneathe she looks in desprete need of something...
"what do you need?" I ask. I am in a rush, my dog is in the car, i have many things to do, i want to go home.
She looks up at me, almost embarrassed, "can you write on a cake?"
I am so dumbfounded that i admit, without realizing what i am committing to that "yes, i have experience in pastry."
When i left Atlanta, i was working as EXPO of a fine dinning restaurant...the only problem was, we didn't have customers (Southerns are more thrifty than Yankees when the economy went tough, the rich stopped spending long before the poor did).
In my down time at Aquaknox, we, Summer and I, practiced our calligraphy. Only instead of ink we used melted semi-chocolate, and instead of paper, we used $65 glass and china plates.

The women and I, walk back to the cake. She pays for it, and is asked by the cashier "so you found someone?" Now i think this is a prank. I look at the exit for cops, i look up for cameras. I check my basket "am i accidentally stealing something?" i think. Before i realize i am following the two women to a back area, behind the counter of the bakery, with a cake, my shopping basket, my cell phone, which is blowing up.
The lady who first approach me does not speak English well, i have trouble understand. I do get that she wants "Happy Birthday" written on the cake....i have trouble writing with a pen and paper, but icing and..and whatever, i can do! Only she ask me to write in cheap green granulated sugar frosting, not $6 dollar per ounce, imported, perfectly melted semi chocolate...and then she ask for her sister's names to be placed on the cake. "Uhh ok, lets see what happens," is my response.

It was something out of a movie, and when i was done, with what i consider to be the worst pastry art i've ever attempted. The smile on her face is almost worth the 20 extra minutes i spent in the store.
I can't help but laugh the entire time. And as i exit stage right, the cashiers and the dyke security guard that ALWAYS finds a way to slow down my shopping experince praise and admire the cake. A cake which i consider a disaster.

the short. I enjoy helping strangers. You get something out of it. Something that money will not give you. I hope her sister enjoys the cake. I hope the women tells her sister what she went thru to get "Happy Birthday Florence" on the damn cake. And most of all, i hope she appreciates it.

weird, but yea, that was the end of my friday, and my beer went south (warm) by the time i got back to my car.

no proof reading. I'm buzzed and sleep deprived.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Team USA, or Team Phelps?

A majority of the World catches the fever that is the Olympics. The competition, watching the best of the best take action at their given talent. The colors, the anthems, the tears, the sweat, the blood. It really brings the pride out of you, similar to that blanket of pride that hits a nation after they've been attacked (9/11, Euro train bombings, Hiroshima) only this pride is a result of something positive.

Sooo with being said, and the old cliche "there is not "i" in Team." So tell me why when the Men's U.S. Swim team swam the 4 x100 relay that Phelps got ALLLLL the credit, when he wasn't evenin the lead during his LEG, the others had to bring it back for the Gold FOUR PEOPLE SWAM. Could you say the names of the other three swimmers?
No? understood, because NBC didn't talk about them! so you know Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak, and Garrett Weber-Gale are the reason the US took gold in this race, and mainly, it was Lezak DAMNNN dude what an awesome race...missed it?
here (watch it quick before NBC caps it!)

my point is, there are 200+ men and women who are representing the U.S. Olympic Team they deserve credit too.
Thank you and ROCK ON! GO TEAM USA!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Andreas Eastman


"Andreas Eastman model 60 bows have all the features you expect in a fine pernambuco bow: aged wood, fully mounted ebony frog with colorful mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eyes, leather grip with silver or imitation whalebone winding, and unbleached Mongolian horsehair, all made entirely by hand for an entry level price.

  • Hand-crafted stick of genuine pernambuco wood

  • Nickel-mounted ebony frog with genuine mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eyes

  • Leather and silver wire or imitation whalebone grip"

Entry level price my ass, i just droped $147 bucks on the bottom bow...but boy is she pretty!

next stop, the (national) mall, where i'll be playing for tourist, til i make (yep) $147

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rule of the Game #111

if someone talks about others with you, know that they talk about you with others

Friday, August 1, 2008

July 31st/August 1, 2005

Its almost like 9/11 the day that you'll never forget

Ever since that day i move a little more cautiously. I check my surroundings before i enter my truck. When it is dark outside i peer down every dark alley, every dark drive way, just to make sure...i caution my friends when they walk home alone at put it short i do everything differently now.

I'll never understand why G-d does what he does, allows what he does, takes who he does. I stopped trying four months after the title date. But I hate when August floats back around because then i can't help but question the actions of the higher power.... I'd lost friends before him, but never to a random act of violence: two punk teenagers after a joyride in a freakin Camry?...and to think, he was, is, one of the few people i've encountered whose essence lacked negativity, suffering or pain. He was genuinely a good guy. So why...

...we all take a second look behind us before entering our cars alone, at night.
Brett, you are missed by family and by a Tribe, that will never forget you, or this day.
with love