Monday, September 20, 2010

outsourcing: the irony of it all

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Today the end of the United States "recession" was announced. The exact date is said to be sometime last summer though for millions of American's particularly those in the middle class there is no end in sight.NPR ran a story today on India's growing economy. More specially, India's need to tailor their professionals for the growing international economy.  
It is true, in fact, that India has seen the biggest boom in its country's independent history and it can very well thank America. The trend of job loss in America is almost identical to job growth in Bharat. 7even times out of ten, when you call customer service you are speaking to someone overseas, India are otherwise. In March 2004 The Economic Times reported "While the U.S. lost 234,000 IT jobs in 2003, for Indian techies 152,000 new jobs were created."  The trend without a doubt continues as 15 million American's continue to look for jobs, many who are qualified to sit at a desk and administer services such as  Technical Assistance, Customer Service or Consignee Services. But American companies find that you can pay Indians less, provided less benefits and job security. So instead of protecting the consumers that make it possible for companies to stay afloat, companies flock off shore drying its consumer pool of its lively hood.
The U.S Government has done little to stop off shore trends. Ohio announced a ban on outsource for its companies. As a part of  Obama's $818 million Stimulus program GE has agreed to fund $600 million  to return of  jobs from China to the U.S.

Mean while Hollywood  brings humor to the subject of outsourcing. This week ABC launches its new show "Outsourced," sitcom highlighting the everyday fun times at an India Call Center. Even Discover card has called attention to the issues of the inconvenience of an outsourced call center. Its ironic, the same disaster that has helped bring America to its knees, the same disaster we laugh at, is the same disaster that helps millions of "others" obtain their goals and dreams. Instead of laughing our asses all the way to the unemployment lines we should be boycotting companies who neglect American workers and celebrating those stay loyal to them. We should be more vocal and not lay down as our middle class shrinks, students graduate with high dept and zero job market, and money is hoarded into "national defense."
Or we can just sit on our couches and laugh about it...til the power gets cut due to lack of payment.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

b. Perhaps the best restaurant in Baltimore?


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I asked, "so what kind of food do they serve?" My question was answered by Silence.

I'd answer the question by saying neighborhood fine dinning.
Under appetizer's yellowfin tuna tarter with capers, chopped egg and avocado caught my eye by i ordered the eggplant dig served with fire toasted Cubata bread, olives, and pickled vegetables.
I didn't reach for salt or pepper (good thing because it was not until late into the meal that i noticed that neither was available on the table.)
I could not decide what to get for my entree, everything looked SO Good. P.E.I. Mussels with green curry and coconut milk, Pear and Gorgonzola Sachette, Ahi Tuna Nisoice salad with Potatoes not pasta, Crispy Duck...i could go on, but it does little justice.
I ordered the P.E.I. Mussels with Green Curry, Coconut Milk, coriander leaf, and i'd argue lemongrass. And a small order of the roasted vegetable mozzarella Ravioli.
I rue not ordering their Ceaser salad. If you can do a ceaser salad right you are clutch in my eyes.
Everything, everything, from the atmosphere, to the regulars, to the veteran wait staff is on point and fabulous.
The Food, the food, is another story. Amazing to say the lease, perfect portions, the mussels are served in a heaping bowl. Plating and aesthetics of the food show exhibit the Art in culinary art.
I have one side note, there was a little to much oil in my ravioli. Honestly, Who cares.
Go, Go, Go.
Washingtonians-Escape to this place
and bring your A game, average person, with drinks and apps, $40.
Also, their micro brew and important Beer list is well constructed featuring Victory and Trogg, i can say the same for their wine list.

Roommates by Justin Neal


Saturday, September 11, 2010

shirt speaks the truth

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Help Abused Women, it takes 60 seconds a day, one month! (do it by text!)

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R.ape, A.buse and I.ncest N.ational N.etwork

A friend of mine is a full time member of RAINN's (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) Speakers Bureau and also serves as a volunteer doing crisis intervention on their Online Hotline. It would mean the world if you could take just a minute or less of your day each day this month to vote for RAINN in Pepsi's Refresh Everything challenge to expand the Online Hotline to Spanish-speaking visitors.

RAINN needs your vote to win a $250,000 grant from Pepsi in order to expand the Online Hotline and help more victims of sexual violence...may I have 60 seconds of your time? 

How you can help:

First of all, please take a minute to vote for RAINN. The winner is determined by the number of votes, and RAINN needs your vote to win a $250,000 grant from Pepsi. The organization/idea with the most votes by September 30 wins, so please vote for us once a day, every day. And please start voting as soon as you can - the contest is only through September 30th, and if we fall behind, it will be difficult to catch up!

What will the grant be used for?

To expand RAINN's award-winning Online Hotline to serve Spanish-speaking victims of sexual violence.
How to help:

1. First, vote online.
—Visit   You can create a Pepsi account or login with your Facebook account
—After you login, just click on  ‘Vote for this idea’

2. Then, vote again by text message: just text RAINN’s code 102552 to this number: 73774

You can vote once online and once by text each day, every day until September 30.