Saturday, April 26, 2008

Real Quick Like

This is my week of NO DRINKING. definitely maxed out my party intake this week. Don't get me wrong, i had a lot of fun, but i am getting to old for this.

1. D.B. Hobbs, Great Buy, not bad taste, Worse hangover you'll ever have off of four beers! (if you don't usually get a hangover off of four beers)

2. Doesn't matter who you are, or who you love. There is an awesome show on Thursday at MSR RAW TALENT 2008 is down to two! Come out and catch a great act the one and only SKYLER LEE!!!!!!!!! Click on the link, you'll get all the info for the show. $3 Jager Bombs too!

3. and this for serious ...Sean Bell..was shot dead by Three Off duty, plain clothes Cops (two black one white, and No that doesn't matter) 50 times. Yes 5ive zer0. Meaning at least two of the officers had to reload. Sean Bell, shot dead November 25th 2006, hours before he was to be married, was unarmed outside of a night club.
Why officers, off duty and plain clothed, are allowed to go out, and possibly drink, at clubs, AND STILL CARRY THEIR GUNS is beyond me.
What is farther beyond me is that a Queens City Judge (corrupted) ruled that all three Officers where not guilty of a crime. I rarely agree with Al Sharpton, but this Is INJUSTICE.
Don't be complacent with this society, its all kinds of wrong Justice for Sean Bell

4. the NFL draft is about to start [I got a Big Ole Smile on my Face!]...i said no more beer, but i have one Coors left, and they ARE sponsoring the draft, so i need to thank them in some way?
Matt Ryan is to not strong enough for Atlanta, Falcons need southern Blood on the field, they need DJ Shocley as a QB Hands down, thats my story and i'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dear Camel,

I appreciate the coupons in the mail,
They save me much needed green.
But the coupons inside of an empty camel pack inside an empty box within a box is just to much,
Thank you for saving me money, but please save some trees.
Send me my coupons in an envelope please.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Rule of the Game #84


Its all about attitude.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

what is going on?

OK the Barbie Bandaits? That was enough , so I’m hearing this story about this girl who was beaten by five of her “friends”...... What you missed it?

OK OK you don’t have to watch the whole thing, its like 10 mins long.

SO the eight teens charged with committing this insane act are being charged as adults, with battery, kidnaping (a felony) the list goes on. And when I watch Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck get teary eyed about the issues and passionate about the charges i think, "hmm maybe this is a big deal, maybe something will come of this," but lets get real: These kids are white.

ewww I think I just stepped on a toe? awkward

Look at the Barbie Bandits, two perfect 7evens who ROBBED two separate banks in my hometown part two, Cobb County Georgia. These %#$% got probation? The black guy who “aided and assisted them” received 10 years in jail, but used little to none of the stolen money.
Ok its not a race thing, but if my best friends (of color) and I decided on a similar hair ball scheme our assess would be in jail! If you have a facial piercing, many tattoos, ears over 8g, maybe openly gay or just darker skin you’ve been discriminated against, I’m sure. Or maybe I am assuming to much.
But I’ll bet money to anyone ready to throw down, that at least four of the seven people involved in the beating serve Zero jail time. Anybody?
And what is the deal with Dr. Phil’s producer getting one of the girls out of jail? This society is SCREWED UP, what is going on?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I mean really, Its the Olympics!


did you hear the one about the French News reporter who got attacked while carrying the Olympic Torch and surrounded by 8ight Chinese crowd control guards. Yeaa she was pushed to the ground, the torch was put out and French police had to intervene. The torch is meant to stay lit from the time it leaves Greece til the time it hits the olympic games. This year, the olympic games will be held in China, the country that supports Sudan, and as such the genocide in Daufur, and the country who slaughters monks on the streets of Tibet. So people are upset about the Olympic games being held in china...China shouldn't have an Olympic game?

...i think i understand. You know Hitler came up with the idea for this Torch Tour de World, about 8ight years after the torch was started, look what that SmartAss did for the world. If we, the world, support China holding the Olympics, gives China billions of dollars in tourist sales, are we Not support china's international practices? Yes. So if Sarkozy is considering boycotting the Olympics, then so Be it. Is it just about the sports? No. Its about I.R.: International Relations! Running the 4 x 400 on a world stage must be amazing. But not as amazing, or significant as rubbing shoulders with the enemy.

Its not a show, it does not need to "go on"
Hopefully no more torch holders will get beat up, but if they do

Monday, April 7, 2008

Rule of the Game #1

IF you can't be good, at least be safe.