Monday, August 24, 2009

Food for Tooth


1. Healthy drink for teeth — Green tea
It contains polyphenols, antioxidant plant compounds that prevent plaque from adhering to your teeth and help reduce your chances of developing cavities and gum disease. Tea also has potential for reducing bad breath because it inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause the odor. Many green teas also contain fluoride (from the leaves and the water it’s steeped in), which helps protect tooth enamel from decay and promotes healthy teeth.

2. Healthy drink and food for teeth — Milk and yogurt
Unsweetened yogurt and milk are good for your teeth. They have a low acidity. It means that the gradual wearing away of the teeth, also called dental erosion, is less. In addition they are low in sugar, that means less dental decay, too. Milk also is a good source of calcium, that keeps our teeth healthy. Calcium is the main component of teeth and bones, as we know.

3. Healthy food for teeth — Cheese
It is low carbohydrate and has a high calcium and phosphate content that provides important benefits for your healthy teeth. It helps balance your mouth’s pH, preserves and rebuilds tooth enamel, produces saliva, kills the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Cheese contains calcium, too.

4. Healthy food for teeth — Fruits
Different fruits like apples, strawberries, citrus fruits, specially kiwis, contain a lot of vitamin C. It is considered the cement that holds all of your cells together, so just as it’s vital for your skin, it’s important for the health of your gum tissue. If you don’t get enough vitamin C, researches show that the collagen network in your gums can break down, making your gums tender and more susceptible to the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

5. Healthy food for teeth — Vegetables
Pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato, broccoli are full of vitamin A. This vitamin is absolutely necessary for the formation of tooth enamel. Apart form that, crunchy vegetables cleanse and stimulate your gums, making them healthy.

6. Healthy food for teeth — Onions
This vegetable contains powerful antibacterial sulfur compounds. Tests showed that onions kill various types of bacteria. Researches indicate that they are most powerful when eaten freshly peeled and raw. It may be not so tasty but good teeth are guaranteed.

7. Healthy food for teeth — Celery
This food protects your teeth while extra chewing. It produces plenty of saliva, which neutralizes different bacteria that causes cavities. Additionally, celery massages gums and cleans between teeth keeping them healthy and clean.

8. Healthy food for teeth — Sesame seeds
Good teeth can be a result of combining white bread, especially for small kids, and sesame seeds. It sloughs off plaque and helps build tooth enamel. Sesame seeds are also high in calcium, which helps preserve the bone around your teeth and gums. But firstly, it is very delicious.

9. Healthy food for teeth — Animal food
Beef, chicken, turkey, eggs – all of them contain phosphorous. Calcium, with the help of vitamin D and phosphorous, creates our bones system. These elements keep teeth stronger and healthier by protecting them from teeth decay.

10. Healthy drink for teeth — Water
Healthy water not only purer, but it cleanses the mouth, allowing the saliva to work wonders depositing essential minerals back into the weakened teeth. Drinking water keeps gums hydrated and helps wash away trapped food particles that decompose in the mouth and cause bad breath.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Not so much

I just watched the movie Lakeview Terrace - You know the movie with Sameul Jackson saying "MotherFucker" 100 times. It was awful, so awful that I had to dismiss myself from the room on several occasions. I'm mad I wasted my time with the bad acting, "could of [have] been good" plot and the chezzy one liners. Seriously disappointed with myself.
In short don't watch it. If you are up late night and it is ondemand (like right now on Starz) DON'T WATCH IT.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pizzacato, Philadelphia, PA - Mas o Menos

There is a $91 dollar charge on my card and i am still trying to remember why.

She says she wants Italian for her last meal in the United States. I ride my bike up and down Market St Philadelphia. My first choice was closed, so was my second, so i narrowed in on Pizzacato at the corner of Market and 2nd. (248 Market street, just before the bridge on the right)

The patio is packed, which i read as a good sign,
We sit inside because of the humidity and we are one of two seated tables.

Our server enthusiastic and charismatic; Im sure he was the manager. He pushes out the nights' specials and some information (the highlight) about the restaurant: they make their pasta in house!

We start with the staples:
glass of champion-i couldn't tell you what kind because we never saw a drink menu despite a request-
Ceaser Salad-i've said it before i'll say it again, if you can bring something to a Ceaser salad you are alright in my book
and Mussels- in "chilis and herbs (red or white)"

Well the champion was good...dry? Chardon
The Mussels-blane...i suspect they steam the mussels early, not to order, keep them warm and pour sauce over top upon individual order. I was so disappointed I considered returning them. The cherry tomatoes at the bottom of the bowl captured the little essence of the sauce...unfortunately the mussels captured nothing.*
The Ceaser Salad...the lettuce was border line soggy, not crisp. The Ceaser dressing was good but not unique I give credit to the chef for producing their own croutons (they are made in house right?) but was disappointed that i was not offered crushed pepper for the salad.

For my entree i had the Exotic Mushroom T- I saw the dish on a patrons table while I scoped out the restaurant, Khrissee had the Linguine, with vegs, and extra, extra, extra Parmesan (the girl loves cheese).

My dish was good, the essence of the Mushrooms, the pasta...kinda of sticky, maybe over cooked.
K's Lingini was perfectly cooked, the tomoatoe sauce not as blan as the mussles.

i'm gonna guess i caught this place on a bad night. Or maybe the event sadden my heart and my palate. Unfortunately there are to many baller sdpots in philly and i will not try this spot again. But don't not try it just based on this review.

2 stars out of five.


and they don't have a website...weiiiird!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Slap Chop Rap


Grandma is my favorite
I got hooked for the first two minutes before i realized what was going on
consider this a monday laugh

You're gonna love my nuts He Actually SAYS THAT!