Thursday, February 28, 2008



We are having a meeting on Tuesday

"Ye of little faith?" yes i am.

we'll see
we'll see

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rule of the Game #43

Whenever, Wherever; COME BIG < or don't come at all!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Down to the Buck?

Get the Burger King Double Cheese Burger not the McDonald's one, The BK whopper is flame broiled, and more meat!.
(that is if you have a choice, and you are not anal about the whole "eating dead animals" thing.)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm not hip to the times, i don't know the "Solider Boy," (could of fooled you!) or what asylum/day-spa Brittney Spears is in, or which "artist"--and at times i use that word loosely-- is in right now.
I saw part of a Sara Bareilles video a few weeks ago, a memory that remained futile in my brain until i heard about her again recently. I took the time to watch, and i don't see what the big deal is. Hello? iF Vanessa Carlton and Tori Amos had a daughter, she would kick ass, but she wouldn't kick as much ass as Vanessa Carlton or Tori Amos, that is where Sara Bareilles is at.
And Vanessa Carlton's New Cd Hero's and Thieves is better than Sara's new cd.

Someone else worth checkin out:

Lisa Jaeggi (jay-gee) I think shes opening tonight for P Diddy at Spike Hill in Brookyln, tickets may already be sold out, so keep your eyes out for the next show.

she writes her own music, but this is a phat remix of that $@% Usher's "Caught Up"

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Its taken me longer to sneeze


Help my homegirls brother go from Semi-Pro, to PRO
it only takes to seconds.

From Myspace:
Miss Tough ©

Date: Feb 23, 2008 2:15 PM
Subject: DO IT!!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!!! please!!! <3>
Body: Go to,(on the [Bottom] left hand side of the page) and vote my brother BJ Puckett to the ABA Allstar game. If you dont know him, do it for me!!!! If you do know him, do it for both of us!!! Thank you so much it will only take a few minutes of your time!!!!


just do it!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Rain Rain Come and Stay

I feel as if Georgia and perhaps the entire south east has taken a new approach to precipitation. We look forward to days where the Earth around us become saturated. We drive slower, and thank our higher Being for what is perceived as a blessing. Maybe in the back of our heads we blame ourselves for the drought across the land. We are understanding first hand the consequences of our parasitical behavior with Mother Nature. Could All of this really be are fault?
Is it to late for conservation?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lenny Brisco---friends with Bill W.

So tuesday, i was wasted til 4 a.m., then had to wake up and go to work.

last night, when i went to The Local I DIDN"T DRINK! or smoke a cig....actually i'm sure that i'm done smoking cigs period. But yea the bartender went for my order and i hesitated....then i pulled a Brisco: "Club Soda....make it a double!"

i mean i cant be the first friend of Bill W. to walk in to that bar.
It was fine, you can still have fun with buzzed people when you are sober.

Cool cool

and i did get a beer at MJQ only cause it smelled like SWEATY BALLS


I didn't even get an answer!, i tried to call, but you probably let me down"
I love that long, don't like diddy so much, but like that song.

Ok so Props to the Lunar eclipse last night, (a full moon was blocked from the sun, because of the earths shadow) we (on the western hemisphere) get another one in 2010.

Last two nights went out for my Best friends Birthday, pictures are soon to come, sTs i hope you enjoyed.

Lessons learned:
1. Never give a drunk person your keys for any reason, i don't care if he or she claims to have a carton of cigs in the car, or a screaming baby: JUST SAY NO.

2. Young Couples that are cool and non possessive about each other and don't care who they dance with Kick ass.

3. Everyone thinks i'm a guy, and i don't know if i like that.

4. The hip-hop room at MJQ smells like balls, gross sweaty balls.

5. The girl at the coat check at MJQ looks like a super cool kick.....but i think i was to drunk, and i'm sure she didn't hear me say that (so if anyone knows her tell to sign on to!)

Friendly reminder for a few:
"The right thing to do, more times then not, will be the hardest thing to do" -L.A.Benn

Had fun, hair cut, then work,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sooo i got a new

I got a new book so i will be M.I.A. for a couple of...
I got a new book so i will be M.I.A but not just for any book, but for a B.E.E. book
I will be M.I.A. but not just for any book, but for a Bret Easton Elis book


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tell me why

I have a mini retriever, Sadie Mae Benn and she is my baaaaby and i love her very much!

Until she has to go to the vet, or wakes me up at five am to go outside and chase squirrels. OR when she decides to throw up.
WHY does she throw up on the Carpet? we got marble, we got stone tile, BRAND NEW stone tile, but nah, she Always Always has to throw up on the freshly clean, "don't wear shoes on," carpet.
And regurgitate leafs and treats Do Not come out easily.

Damn Sadie

Friday Night turned ramble

Valentines Week-end was esp dull, i worked my butt off at the Knox (my restaurant) so afterwards I went out to the Manor for an always enjoyable house party.....maybe this needs to be an independent blog....

At this house party there were a ton of "youngings," like freshmen and sophomore in college youngins. After my fifth shot of tequila i ended up on a couch talking to a very cool, sweet, random girl. The conversation went well til her boyfriend shows up (bummer) and she introduces me to him as a "he." The point: the whole night half of the house, a clean 20 to 30 people, thought i was a dude. So maybe i could do drag!
As a "guy" I noticed clearly what my guy friends have been telling me for years: "it is hard to get a girl!" its like three people going after one girl, cock blocking every which way. And as soon as the insecure boyfriend catches wind that you and his girlfriend have something in common, That conversation ends.

So maybe my luck with women had nothing to do with my luck, maybe it had everything to do with situation

Which has everything to do with my "lameness" Saturday night

Again i work, and then i go out to meet some folks at a local LESBO club. I haven't been single for a very long time (not that i am) and when i was, i never actually knew how to "get" a girl, i just waited for them to show interest and then i talked to them. But overall i am SHY as hell. So i go out last night, trying to be cool with one girl in particular, But in this situation...a club full of women who like women....I no longer have an edge. Get it? (i know sTs is the only one still following along, and i appreciate you man) I mean there were a lot of girls out last night, but only one that i would have come close to considering, and she was busy chasing some other hottie around the club.
The blow in the face? When I go to leave she calls me Lame.

Am i lame?
maybe its my guilt holding me back because i know i shouldn't be out talkin to folk
but other than that i think i've lost it, my game, if i ever had any and honestly i am very taken back by this hints this loong boring blog.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rule of the Game #247

...the rules change after Midnight



(esp the long one on the right, or the banner up top with the pencil!!!!! just click on everything!!!, then go there and click on everything there!!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Future in front of you

Check out, and Bookmark my folks site
this is a big deal

Monday, February 11, 2008

Is the South Dying?

I moved to a small town way outside of Atlanta ten years ago, from a large town just outside of D.C.. I remember my first two words in "Southern" were "Sir" and "Ma'am." i waved to everyone i passed, and it didn't matter if i knew them or not. After the first time we waved a relationship was forged. I left my small town after high school, and moved to a larger, more southern valley town. Large enough in number, but small in size, everyone was connected to everyone by two degrees. The two times i was caught BWI (biking while intoxicated) the officers already knew me by name.

So it was a bit of a shock to me when i moved back to the D.C., and found that when you wave to someone, you might get shot, or at least, you will get a dirty look. SO i kept my hand down, and my head up right, eyes straight ahead the entire year i spent around the bay.

When I got back to the south, i was ready and egger to get back in to the swing of things: the "yes sirs," "yes ma'ams," the random conversations at the market, in the elevator, the wave and the smile to Whoever makes eye contact with you. Instead i was met with a different greeting, for instance my gf comes to town for a week and her car gets broken into, my bag, my camera, my cds all stolen GONE. I expect that shit in B-more, heck D.C even, but not the Atl. Two nights later some of our friends get a DUI, but honestly were sober enough to talk, walk and drive. My favorite store gets robbed the DAY i bought my new flip flops from them I go to wave to people now, but they look away before i can get my hand up! And every time i turn on the local news i get to hear the glorious (that was for you sTs) story of how some f$#^k killed an old lady, or molested a child. Honestly, what happened to southern hospitality? Is the Southern way of living fading? Have the Yankee impostors taken over?
That is one thing about atlanta i've always noticed, no one is actually From atlanta, most are yanks who came down for cheaper living, or job relocations. So maybe that is it. Maybe it is the stress of todays economy on the average American, maybe its the election, maybe i'm just making BS excuses.

If the south is dying, then that is left, America as we know will never be the same
without Southern Hospitality.

Be kind to your neighbor, you waste energy being anything but.
i'm sleepy, i'll proof read later

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

24 out of 50 ain't bad

If you have the Chance
i don't care who you vote for.... i say that but i don't mean that...


Find your POLL!!!!!!

If you are in Georgia go to: (or copy and paste!)

and type in your information to find out where you are to vote tomorrow.

IF you are in another state go to your States' Secretary of State Homepage and click on Election.


RESEARCH IT FIRST, its not 1984!?

Hilary Clinton

Ron Paul


John McCain