Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You know, C P time (Beer of the Week Take 1)


Woooow i'm late! Sorry, i promised Beer of the Week on Monday, it is nearing Thursday! Let me Explain.
I moved on Saturday and yea thats it (it sounded better in my head)

BEER OF THE WEEK: Cranberry Lambic

Just in time for the Holidays Samuel Adams unleashes a Winter Classics Variety Pack, two bottles of six distinctive beers. And of the 6ix, Cranberry Lambic will likely catch your eye first and disappoint you the most. If you are like me the word "lambic" leaves you with a dumb look on your face. You can relax because this is not a real lambic. Just as champagne is not champagne unless it is bottled in Champagne, France :: a lambic is not a lambic unless it is brewed in Pajottenland, Belgium. Aside from that minor detail a lambic is brewed using spontaneous fermentation and possess a clear vinous finish, Cranberry Lambic does not-and that maybe a good thing.

Don't Drink This Cold-I'll be honest, this beer isn't great, but it does deserve more credit, the balance between cranberry and yeast is impeccable; the finish is crisp and light like a wine, less the vinous/lambic feel. It does great before, during and after dinner, this unique "Boston Lambic" is worth an unbiased try. Buy the Variety Pack, (the beer is only available in the VP, and was M.I.A. for the last two year) you get 5ive awesome beers and one iffy one, and if you hate it you can pass it off to a friend.

Eat Drink and be Merry.

How to Review a Beer

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was talking to Cory Fox late last week and the conversation about the holidays came up. Cory, myself, and Sts, are the only people i know who haaaaaate the holidays...the very thought of them brings me anger/rage/annoyance. I don't know why really-but until Jan 1st, 2009 i am going to be one angry smartelect ball of gloom.
For starters, i hate how on Thanksgiving/Xmas/New Years i have to endure the noise of two dozen extra text- "Happy Thanksgiving!"-"happy thanksgiving!" yadda-it is better this year because i have unlimited text, but in years past when i didn't, Ewwww i use to get so mad!

This year is the first year that i am not having a Thanksgiving...i don't know how i feel about that yet-i freaked out at 10:30 last night and ran to shoppers to buy stuffing-then proceeded to make my grandfathers oyster stuffing, though i haven't had it since 2000, and i never actually saw how he made it. I want to call my folks but they are island hoping and i'd call my sister but i'm almost positive we've never spent a Thanksgiving together, so to call her today would be like calling her any other day.
So i'm gonna go play some rockband with my cuz and go to work. I can already feel my blood pressure rising....the same way i feel after hearing MMBOP more than twice in a year.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gheeeeetttttooo Faaaaabbbbuuuulllooouuussss

By LaChaBenn for

She goes, I want a Chardonnay Riesling.
I say, Yes, Chardonnay OR Riesling.
No Ma'am they are two different wines, Chardonnay OR Riesling.
Oh well just give me a red wine.

I go
I come back with a cheap Pinot Noir

No No No i said RED wine, that shit is purple or somethin....
But ma'am this is...
i walk away

Sunday, November 16, 2008

coming soon to


starts Nov. 24th!
pre-game at (username-LaChaBennDotcom)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


After today i will be stuc--i mean committed to the D.C. area until May 31st (at the earliest)
Soooooo no Colorado, St. Louis or Chat-town....but we always have the summer!

btw, some people and you Don't know who you are-Need to grow up! If you have something to say to someone, just tell them-at the right time! we are all adults! Don't let sexual frustration, or your closet need to be with the same sex get in the way of your maturity. And if you look around and you don't have many friends, it is not other people it is You. We all have these people in our lives. Buck up, Man up and Grow up! we need more direct communication in this world, there is enough bitching already.
i know that was a little inappropriate, but it happens

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hit the ground running

by LaChaBenn for LaChaBenn 

...and I’m driving up Georgia Ave, and this PT passes me with a sticker “Draft SUV Drivers First,” and I’m like thats stupid. I keep driving. I’m out of it. Long week. I break just before hitting the silver Acura in front of me. The PT stops for the light next to me. It is windy, freezing. Her windows are cracked. I roll down my window...Heellllo. Excuse me, Missss. ...Reluctantly she rolls down her window. I bullshit--I like your bumper sticker, I’m considering trading in my truck for a car similar to yours, how do you do on gas?LIIIEEES- I think she grinned, she looks at her funky PT gauges for what? the answer? She sees it! Looking at me she says close to 20. Riight. So I go. Oh really? Nevermind then, I average 24. I roll up my window, but I have to sit there because the light is still red. I don’t care that she is looking at me or that her window is still down or that she knows...

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Otherside Nov6th

Oh you didn't hear? The Best Party All Year!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Front Page of the Washington Post D-Day

States to Watch

Time--Electoral Votes--States

7 pm—58— Georgia, Indiana, Virgina
7:30 pm—25—Ohio
8 pm–171– Florida, Missouri, N.H., Pennsylvania,
8:30 pm–21–North Carolina
9 pm–150--- Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,
10 pm–26–Iowa, Montana, Nevada
11 pm–84–North Dakota
1 am–3–Alaska

The winning candidate must have 270
Let the games begin

Monday, November 3, 2008

its just not right

– the fact that Monday Night Football is always on ESPN (except when the game is regional) Football is The American Sport, hell the rest of the world knows football–excuse me futbol-- as an entirely different sport. There is something “unamerican”

the idea that in order to watch a staple of america one needs to subscribe to a network.
about the fact that one needs to subscribe

The myth goes if the Redskins lose before an election day a Democrat wins, if they win a Republican.

One day (part 2)

My breathing has slowed. I can't wait any longer.
I need to know now.

I am glad that i already voted. I am thankful that i don't have to wait in a line frustrated, anxious, panicked.

Whichever canidate takes Virgina (closes at 7) and Pennsylvania (closes at 8) he will take the race.
But if those states split one Obama, one McCain we are in for a long night.

hold on tight

Effect and Affect


Effect and Affect

Which of these sentences are correct?

1. Rising oil prices will have an effect on nearly everyone.
2. Her emotional outburst was purely for effect.
3. The new policies go into effect next month.
4. The trade embargo effected the rise in oil prices.
5. Rising oil prices affect nearly everyone.
6. The elderly couple next door was severely affected by the cold this winter.
7. The psychologist on the witness stand noted the alleged murderer’s disturbing affect during the confession.

All of these sentences correctly employ “effect” and “affect.”

In most situations, we use “effect” as a noun and “affect” as a verb.

One day


Until our Nation's fate is decided


Saturday, November 1, 2008


there are no words for this...



P- "Hey Natalie, you make a good brothel whore."

N- "I'm not a fucking whore, i am an 80's prom queen!"

two fights
a girl getting punched in the face by a big dude
a girl passed out in her puke
and a car going the wrong way on the highway
...i'm never going out for halloween again.