Wednesday, July 21, 2010



watch this

now read the some of the comments
@Lordof0blivion we hate Obama because he's purposefully made things WORSE and not better. 

Obama's the worst president we've ever had. 

and my comment

I get it and i like the commercial, but Obama did not "create" this BS, he is trying to fix the BS left over from the MF who dictated the previous 8ight years as president. Don't be Ignorant and believe that this BS happened over night or in the last 18 months. It was BUSH, if only you'd realized that in 2000 And 2004...


Hey today on NPR check out Berwyn friend Vinnie as he is interviewed about Engage Community Offshoots composting projects in College Park, Md.
Mazel Tov Vinnie!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Would you like a free frappe?

Over the weekend my household received the much coveted seasonal McDonalds coupon book.
I hate McDonalds, it is the perfect example of capitalism's darker side: every man for himself, despite who or what is sacrificed along the way.
Moving on. First page of the book, Free Frappe?
Hmm so this morning on my way out I stop by McDs and pick up my delicious Free Frappe.
This leads me to the subject, does anyone want a free frappe? It was painful once the chalky splendid flavouring set in. My entire throat is lined with sandy 'mocha,' and though I have another coupon for yet another fun flavour of a free frappe- I'm good. First come first serve.

Work calls, I'm in the woods and off the grid til friday. Time to unwind and settle loose ends. Back in town late friday, hope all have a wonderful week.

Dude and did you hear about the kid who stole a metro bus from the bus depot! 19 y/o crashed it into a tree. Go Metro!
(No proofread)

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Samuel Adams Latitude 48

I'm not a big fan of the Sam but when i saw that a new IPA was included in the mix I was sold. I was blown away by this beer from Samuel Adams. A smooth hoppy beer is always good for the summer but they really did it with this one. 
Low in IBUs this beer is great for a hop lover who seeks a smooth brew.
Its appearance and colour is light but its head is ever present when poured into a mug. With the smell you expect something a lot hoppier. Upon taste your mouth fills with heavy carbonation (a plus a minus) but at the end of the day the drink-ability is solid. I'll try and drink this all summer. 
not a bad brew from sam

Serving type: bottle