Monday, March 31, 2008

Snickers with a Kick

I've been eyeing them all year the Limited Edition Snickers Charged. They contain 60 mgs of caffeine, and a ton of B vitamins, and taurine. 60 mgs of caffeine is no joke, two bars equal more caffeine than a Red Bull, at half the cost!

So i bought one, well two, today. I justified this decision because Maja is taking a long drive. Honestly i am using her as a guinea pig, because the idea of a caffeinated candy bar equally excites me and freaks me the out! How can it possibly taste good? Is there any food that taste good with ADDED Caffeine? Energy drinks taste like Chuck Norris piss (i'm not saying i've tasted Chuck Norris's piss, i'm just saying), Hell coffee doesn't even taste good. So i'm gonna let it sit in my car until i am incredibly desperate and starving. And if that day doesn't come i'll toss it to a friend of mine just to gauge there initial reaction.
IF you try one let me know what you think!

Friday, March 28, 2008



Jimmy Ray is one of my best friends, thats apparent in the name i call him "jimmy ray" or "jr" but most of you just know him as James Crockett.

Yesterday, while at work, i received three miss calls, back to back, two from bryan, Jr's younger cousin, also one of my best friends, and then Stephen, my brother. It wasn't until i read the text Stephen sent after his call that i understood: "James found Pap dead today. Call me when you can"

I can't explain why it hurts, two of my best friends grandfather passing away. At first i thought it was impact. I called Stephen he was in tears, i call bryan he was in tears, so how could i possibly afford to hold back.
But later last night, when i was driving home, alone, after a decent night out, it hit me again, and when i went over there today to drop off food for the family it hit me again, just like now, its hitting me, and i can't even see the screen or what i'm typing my fingers guide my writing.

So maybe, when my grandfather passed away my senior year of high school, maybe part of me attached my self to Pap in that way. When i was helping him with his groceries, asking him if he needed anything from up stairs, drinking beers next to him at the Legion, watching tv with him downstairs while waiting for jimmy to wake up and bitching about what we are going to do with him! (what are we gonna do with you james?) Maybe all those times i just thought of him as my grandfather....not a replacement of my biological grandfather, but my Pap.
I'm trying to brush this off, I will stay strong through this for Jimmy and for Bryan, hell for Stephen because i know you [Stephen] had a special connection with him. And though i knew this day was coming....its coming for all of us, it not easy, and i sure as hell did not expect to feel like this....i at least expected to know what i was feeling, and right now i have no clue.

If you know Jimmy or Bryan, and hell if you know me, then 10 to 1 you know them, please give them your respects.
Regardless, don't waste your day with anger, never spite anyone, and never go to sleep with a heavy heart. Too many of us know the harsh reality of life: it is short. Too many of us have experienced the loss of a family member, and the loss of close friends.
Live each day to the fullest, and please by kind to each other, stranger or kin.

I'm done

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

.39 cents


Thats how much i owed sprint when they cut off my phone this morning
.39 freaking CENTS!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

To my one and only Groupie


Went out last night, had fun til i found out the hard way that you can't use the F word (Faggot) in a gay club and got kicked out.
thats a whole another story.

I want to give Props to my only groupie! I met you at GSU, I saw you last night, you were havin fun. You always say hey and i love you for that!, i just wish stuck around longer, but there is next time.

new post coming soon, just got a new whip!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I totaled my truck today. I hit a (of all the cars in the world) 2005 ES330 Lexus, the Lexus hit the 2006 Expedetion in front of it, and the Expedetion hit the 2003 Accord in front of it! Yep, its possible all my Fault!

Insurance will pay for the other lives i held up today, but not mine. I'm banged up, esp my right side, probably because i drive a stick shift. Which, btw, i don't ever my seat belt because i drive a truck and Georgia law (use to) say[s] that you do not need to wear a seat belt if you are driving a passenger truck. I'd been worse Had i been wearing my seat belt!

Part of me is happy this happened...yes i just wasted 1600 bucks on a new engine for my truck, just got a new bummer, clutch driveshaft yadda yadda yadda.
Now i have the uncomfortable luxury of buying a new car. I'm sticking with CarMax and i'm thinking 04 FOrd Explorer , but i also have my eye on a 05 Jeep Laredo. Anyone have any other suggestions? I need space and decent mileage.

Its come to my attention there are people in this world who've never seen Micheal Jackosn's Thriller Video ooooorrr this!

Life is Good.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ellen: gay 8th grader Killed by non gay 8th grade--Valentine's Day


no no don't get me wrong, i love the whole gay thing, just Ellen has that sense of humor that i just don't get or prefer to watch. Kinda of like Friends.

But this was sent to me and i think what upset me most is the fact that this is the fist i've heard of it

please watch