Monday, March 3, 2008

Ellen: gay 8th grader Killed by non gay 8th grade--Valentine's Day


no no don't get me wrong, i love the whole gay thing, just Ellen has that sense of humor that i just don't get or prefer to watch. Kinda of like Friends.

But this was sent to me and i think what upset me most is the fact that this is the fist i've heard of it

please watch


  1. Yet another viable story that should have been on the national news that was not covered. Shameful realy.... stories like that need national light so people can understand the gay rights issue more clearly. That's a tragic story...


  2. i can't believe i didn't hear about this one the news...

    here's what i found in the news about the story when i googled it:


  3. Finally and Update to the story



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