Saturday, December 27, 2008

the difference

It never stops
the culture shock one experiences when they travel from D.C. to GA and sometimes from GA to D.C. *
usually it is the people that shock me first, then the cheap prices, but now--and most esp seen last night-the cops.
And last night i figured out why.
Cops in GA, are like hunters...they see you, and they follow you, intimidate you, till you graze the yellow line, or forget your turn signal the ONE time all day. Then they and and 2 to 4our back up cars surround you and at that point you are going to don't have to do anything wrong...but when the lynchin party gets together they ain't goin home without a proper hanging.

Cops in D.C., unless you run someone over in front of them (even then), they are not stopping. I assume it is because they get paid $10,000 more than a Georgia Cop and don't depend heavily on ticket sales to make revenue. OOOOR it is because there are real issues facing Washingtonians every night and cops need to address those issues, not me running a yellow/red light ("yo officer that junk was like pink and i'm color blind")
My point is i don't like the style of policing in the south and it adds to that gloomy depressing feeling I (and others i've heard from) experince when they visit the south after a hiatus.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday break.
enjoy family and close friends, they are who matter most
Peace, Love and good Beer!

*please note that i refer to the state of GA, not one city, because true talk, most of north GA, from Bartow to gainesville is just one big city.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

my bad my bad

Ok so i've been debating on buying a flordia shirt ALL season long.
but flordia is good, and i like Tebow.
SO yesterday, finally i run by the store to "look" at the shirt again, and it is GONE! the store is closing and all the team shirts are GONE! ok ok so i'm walking around the store, and there in the corner is a Flordia hoodie, My size! ok its a sign right and it is on sale for 6 bucks!? oh yea that is a sign.

I bought the hoodie
i get home late last night, in the first uhh ten minutes i hear from two people "eww why are you wearing that."
After the second comment, i riped off the hoddie, called my best friend to repent.

Anyone want a brand new hoodie?
20 bucks! ;-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



you HAVE to listen to this!
Cam Jus!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Beer of the Week-Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

the problem is drank the beers so quickly with friends that i didn't have time to "review" the beer-and the 10.0% alcohol level will creep up to you...

Ba- "A common profile amongst Stouts, but not in all cases, is the use of roasted barley (unmalted barley that is kilned to the point of being charred) which lends a dry character to the beer as well as a huge roasted flavor that can range from burnt to coffee to chocolate"

Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout is a Russian Imperial Stout-The King Of Stouts. In comparison RISs typically contain a dried fruit or chocolate taste. The thick motor oil feel is not for everyone, not even an average Guinness drinker. Check out a bottle next time you are out-you can traditional find these sold as singles at hometown bottle shop.
I recommend testing your sobriety after your second one--better to be safe than sorry!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You HAVE to Check Out This Dog


where is my bail out?

Fannie Mae Fat Cats Make Millions while company Fails Testify on Capitol Hill
Illinois Governor Taken into Custody for Allegedly Trying to Sell Obama's Vacant Senate Seat
15 Billion Dollar Bail "Loan" for the Big Three

(btw that is the fifth Illinois Gov. in forthy years to go to jail, and the last governor is still in jail)

Im not an economist, heck i never got higher than a B in math, so please check my math for me
AIG gets 150 Billions dollars in November plus 700 Billion dollars to bailout US Banks uh 850 Billion plus 15 Billion for the Big Three uh 865 Billion-that wasn't as hard as i thought it would be--i've never had to work with BILLIONS

I went to school, i did well, i did civil service, i did an "advanced" program, i work hard, i didn't give myself a 70 million dollar salary, i haven't laid off 1.2 million of my closest friends, i carpool, i'm frugal when i party
can i write a letter? How do i apply and why should i have to? a 300 dollar stimulus check does not bail-out the typical American who suffers from this economy. The breadwin father who loses his job and the family who has to survive on moms part time job. The single parent who loses their house with a bamboozled loan.
865 billion/15 Million or so people is about 56,000 a person...thats enough to bail me out and get me a vacation for the next year or three (mind you my vacation involves a backpack and supplies :-P) I know 56,000 won't buy back a house-but it is a heck of a down payment, or a cushion til someone finds another job, pay off medical bills, student loans, the unnecessary American debts. 56,000 is a stimulus check-i'll write a proposal, bike over to the Hill, testify that i messed up and i need help, present my plan, and walk away with my check. Who wants to come with?

Monday, December 8, 2008


I am cold-
I've decided to quit smoking. Yep, about 15 minutes ago.
I feel that by posting this it will give my decision a little more weight
so if you are out with me and you see me smoking-which you should not because i really do want to quit now and forever-smack the cig out of my mouth... not me, the cig


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ha, I called it!

And i have witnesses and Facebook to support- I called Flordia over Bama 10 plus! and guess what? I didn't make a cent off of it :-(

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Real Quick Like: Alexa Wilkinson

Alexa Wilikinson Needs YOUR Help!
(the blond in the middle)

When you have a second (and you probably do right now because you are reading this) Check out her page and her video and vote!

rock on!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Beer of the Week: Shiner Bock Hefeweizen



Ba A south German style of wheat beer (weissbier) made with a typical ratio of 50:50, or even higher, wheat. A yeast that produces a unique phenolic flavors of banana and cloves with an often dry and tart edge, some spiciness, bubblegum or notes of apples. Little hop bitterness, and a moderate level of alcohol. The "Hefe" prefix means "with yeast", hence the beers unfiltered and cloudy appearance. Poured into a traditional Weizen glass, the Hefeweizen can be one sexy looking beer.

Often served with a lemon wedge (popularized by Americans), to either cut the wheat or yeast edge, which many either find to be a flavorful snap ... or an insult and something that damages the beer's taste and head retention.

This is my first Shiner, and after this one, i'll be sure to check out some of Shiner's other products. I killed a six pack of these bottles with out noticing, and when i did notice i was sad. I drink for flavour and I drink for drinkability, this Hefe-Weizen has both-i question if it is 50:50, and there is no need for a lemon or orange because there are plenty, maybe to many, in the bottle. A bit of an unpleasant acid/vinous aftertaste For 7 bucks a six pack there is no reason not to try this Texas's brew out.