Saturday, December 27, 2008

the difference

It never stops
the culture shock one experiences when they travel from D.C. to GA and sometimes from GA to D.C. *
usually it is the people that shock me first, then the cheap prices, but now--and most esp seen last night-the cops.
And last night i figured out why.
Cops in GA, are like hunters...they see you, and they follow you, intimidate you, till you graze the yellow line, or forget your turn signal the ONE time all day. Then they and and 2 to 4our back up cars surround you and at that point you are going to don't have to do anything wrong...but when the lynchin party gets together they ain't goin home without a proper hanging.

Cops in D.C., unless you run someone over in front of them (even then), they are not stopping. I assume it is because they get paid $10,000 more than a Georgia Cop and don't depend heavily on ticket sales to make revenue. OOOOR it is because there are real issues facing Washingtonians every night and cops need to address those issues, not me running a yellow/red light ("yo officer that junk was like pink and i'm color blind")
My point is i don't like the style of policing in the south and it adds to that gloomy depressing feeling I (and others i've heard from) experince when they visit the south after a hiatus.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday break.
enjoy family and close friends, they are who matter most
Peace, Love and good Beer!

*please note that i refer to the state of GA, not one city, because true talk, most of north GA, from Bartow to gainesville is just one big city.

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  1. Word friend. After I left McCrackens yesterday. I drop Jason off and then head beack to P-Town. I get gas, leave but forget to get cigs. So I go to the Texaco over off 278 trying to score some Bugler. On the way I saw 5 COPS. Now this is within maybe a squeare radius of 2-3 miles. And they were just parked in closed shops waiting for someone to follow. It's a bit ridicuous to say the least. When I see a cop I'm suppose to feel safe right? How come I'm always terrified whenever I see so many then? Shit's fucked up


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