Tuesday, December 9, 2008

where is my bail out?

Fannie Mae Fat Cats Make Millions while company Fails Testify on Capitol Hill
Illinois Governor Taken into Custody for Allegedly Trying to Sell Obama's Vacant Senate Seat
15 Billion Dollar Bail "Loan" for the Big Three

(btw that is the fifth Illinois Gov. in forthy years to go to jail, and the last governor is still in jail)

Im not an economist, heck i never got higher than a B in math, so please check my math for me
AIG gets 150 Billions dollars in November plus 700 Billion dollars to bailout US Banks uh 850 Billion plus 15 Billion for the Big Three uh 865 Billion-that wasn't as hard as i thought it would be--i've never had to work with BILLIONS

I went to school, i did well, i did civil service, i did an "advanced" program, i work hard, i didn't give myself a 70 million dollar salary, i haven't laid off 1.2 million of my closest friends, i carpool, i'm frugal when i party
can i write a letter? How do i apply and why should i have to? a 300 dollar stimulus check does not bail-out the typical American who suffers from this economy. The breadwin father who loses his job and the family who has to survive on moms part time job. The single parent who loses their house with a bamboozled loan.
865 billion/15 Million or so people is about 56,000 a person...thats enough to bail me out and get me a vacation for the next year or three (mind you my vacation involves a backpack and supplies :-P) I know 56,000 won't buy back a house-but it is a heck of a down payment, or a cushion til someone finds another job, pay off medical bills, student loans, the unnecessary American debts. 56,000 is a stimulus check-i'll write a proposal, bike over to the Hill, testify that i messed up and i need help, present my plan, and walk away with my check. Who wants to come with?

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  1. Dude I am SOOOOO totally down. the fact that they;re already spending tax dollar... i.e. OUR money to bail out these fools is irritating enough. How bout we spread some of that to the people? I got plenty of shit I need to pay.




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