Sunday, December 21, 2008

my bad my bad

Ok so i've been debating on buying a flordia shirt ALL season long.
but flordia is good, and i like Tebow.
SO yesterday, finally i run by the store to "look" at the shirt again, and it is GONE! the store is closing and all the team shirts are GONE! ok ok so i'm walking around the store, and there in the corner is a Flordia hoodie, My size! ok its a sign right and it is on sale for 6 bucks!? oh yea that is a sign.

I bought the hoodie
i get home late last night, in the first uhh ten minutes i hear from two people "eww why are you wearing that."
After the second comment, i riped off the hoddie, called my best friend to repent.

Anyone want a brand new hoodie?
20 bucks! ;-)


  1. F#%^@ Tim Tebow!!!
    The Gators was staying at the hotel where i work at and everyone was cool even the coach Urban Myer, but Bitchbow wasn't. I still wish them good luck tho.

  2. Wtf,,,keep it you whore. It was 6 bucks. Plus Fl keeps kicking Ga's ass in the Fl Ga games? People who wear the Ga shirts at the games and then loose,,,,,well,,let's just say,,,you wouldn't wanna be there..Even I play durrtty on that glorious day,,,and I barely like football,,,,wait,,,not like,,,tolerate!


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