Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fell in love with a girl...

? by LaChaBenn for 

....she's a 2D portrait that i saw on the wall.

Yesterday for those who missed it was the Charm City Craft Mafia forth annual Pile of Craft.
Fun times, probably a lot more fun if you have money to blow and since some of you do i want to call attention to some vendors that caught my eye. 
(the girl i fell in love with)
Amazing work, featured in Illustration Now vol 3.  I can only beg you to see her work because i can't phantom a way to describe it in words.


the garden

Marmalade (just sky)

Don't like art?
how about clay jewelry? Check out
the shop is closed until monday so i don't have any pictures, but i'll try to add some

Two more worth mentioning:
My man at Fuzzy Ink   stand has some awesome concepts for men and woman's clothing and a huge fuzzy mustache.
game over (men's crew)

Identity Crisis (men's crew)

Music in Flight (women's crew)

Okay last i want to call attention to the awesome trend that is art and recyclables. Talk about the ultimate way to ensure that you are staying green: turning your trash in to a treasure.

check out the site. I can't share any shots because it is jpeg...though i did purchase some screen print patches for my jeans.  Jennifer Strunge (like most of these artist) is native to baltimore and hopes to start her own circus oneday.

last but not least

The Broken Plate Pendant Company

 Rachel ray loves this company so you knoooow i love it! The concept seems so simple. one day the artist broke a plate, she made a necklace out of the pieces next thing you know she is getting orders.

dont' be fooled by imitations- this is the real deal, the Original.

don't miss these artist again, check out CharmCityCraftMafia to stay in the know.

peace and love

Friday, June 25, 2010

park and north.jpg

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who are you

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Friday, June 18, 2010

gotta love it

Landover Hills

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