Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lisa Jaeggi to play Pete's Candy Store every Sunday In May!


From the desk of Lisa Jaeggi

"Sundays in May RESIDENCY at
Pete's Candy Store

Oh hells yeah.  Every Sunday in May (starting this upcoming Sunday, May 1st) I'll be playing the awesomely rad venue, Pete's Candy Store.  That's right.  Every Sunday at 8:30pm.  That's five shows in a row.  Once a week.  At the same place.  You have zero excuse.  And it's finally getting warmer, which means there is no better way to spend your Sunday evenings than with friends, having a beer, listening to some sweet tunes, chillin' in Pete's backyard.

Also on the Bill for Sunday May 1st:
Justin Keller at 9:30pm
Cahalen and Eli at 10:30pm "

Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211-1312
(718) 302-3770

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pie 'n' Thighs: Williamsburg/Brooklyn, NY


Driggs and S 4th street Williamsburg/Brooklyn
“Do you know a place we can get dessert this late around here?”
“Uhh no, oh well there is that place really close to here, up on the corner”
And thus I am directed to an awesome comfort food spot in Williamsburg/Brooklyn
Pies ‘n’ Thighs on 166 S.4th Street (@Driggs) Brooklyn NY 11211is small, almost tiny but the food packs a huge punch. The menu is equally small, featuring (guess) Fried Chicken, Fried CatFish, Burgers, BBQ pork and Brisket and a handful of sides and of course pies. I have a saying “if you fry it, I will come and try it” folks if you like fried chicken you must try this place. If you don’t, then don’t go out of your way. Crispy, traditional thick southern style batter covers the chicken and the fish, both served in a box with a huge homemade biscuit   If you are a vegetarian, like my guest, you are stuck with the “sides” menu (or a grilled cheese). We ordered Mac n Cheese, Spicy Black Eyed Peas Salad, Grits, Iceberg Lettuce salad. I would have tried the fried pickles but they were not available.  Everything was served QUICK, like so quick I wasn’t sure that if the waiter had given us another table's order. Everything was to point, even the grits and it takes a lot for a “southern” to approve of a “yankee’s grits.” The spicy black eyed peas were served al dente and went well with the creamy mac n cheese, and the iceburg lettuce was pretty typical (we asked for the salad without the bacon) Pies ‘n’ Thighs says all of their meats are naturally raised, though I’ve heard from others that their chicken biscuit is equally to a frozen pattie you can buy at a grocery store.  I’ve also heard that on a nice day, the line and wait can be out the door.Remember this place is tiny, I recommend carry out. 
OH MY I’m forgetting about the Pie! We tried a traditional sour cherry pie. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great and the portion size was tiny (there is a trend) for its larger than life price of $4.50. Still where else are you going to find something sweet, something to drink and something filling that close to the Williamsburg bridge? (poss Checkers) Nowhere. Pies ‘n’ Thighs is more than worth it, check it out. 

Open Monday through Friday
Breakfast 8-4
Lunch 11-4
Dinner 5-12

Saturday & Sunday
Brunch 10-4
Dinner 5-12

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pad Thai: Noodle Lounge Chelsea, NY


Cute, quaint and delicious.
Exit MTA lines A,C, E at 6th and 15th and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Chelsea. A handful of restaurants sit on this main street and the diner has their choice. We chose to stop in at a cute Thai restaurant: Pad Thai: Noodle Lounge. The atmosphere was relaxing enough that anyone may walk in from off the street and not feel under dressed, but stylish enough for a business lunch or second date.
We were greeted as soon as we stepped into the door and were sat in the middle of the open space. Before I could take my jacket off we were brought water and Thai chips with a thick peanut sauce.

For starters we began with an appetizing order of Samurai Summer rolls, Avocado, carrots, ginger, scallion, cucumbers and green tea noodles wrapped tightly in rice paper. Drizzled in a peanut sauce and drops of shriatch and a glaze on the plate; the dish was served with a plum wine sauce. The rolls were very difficult to eat, each bite pushed out the noodles on to our square share plates. I used my fork to feed myself the second bite. My attempt to cut the second roll failed. They were delicious enough that I was not embarrassed by the mess I was making. My dining partner ordered a green papaya salad. A layed helping of iceberg lettuce, green papaya (right?), carrots, green beans, tomatoes and crushed peanuts. The salad was served in a tall narrow bowl so that the lettuce did not become soggy with the dressing that sat at the bottom. I must confess that I did not try the salad but my guest enjoyed the light fare.

About the entrees.
Entrees are divided Noodles, Fried Rice, Curry, and Sautéed Every dish can be served spicy or not spicy and the diner has a choice of Tufu, Mixed Vegetables, Chicken, ($10) Beef, Shrimp or Scallops($12).

For my entrée I ordered Green Curry, spicy, with chicken. My guest ordered the name sake, Pad Thai, not spicy, with mixed vegetables. My curry was served hot in what resembled a large gravy bowl with a large ice cream scoop of white rice. The sauce, green curry and coconut milk was thick and tasty! There were shoots of bamboo jetting up above the liquid. Accents of colors from red and green peppers, zucchini and yellow squash relieved themselves as I mixed in the rice.

My guest’s Pad Thai was served traditional style, long stingy noodles, with little bigs of tofu, baby corn, snap peas, carrots, zucchini and mix peppers. The portion was large; The flavor was delicious with a hint of sweetness. The dish was actually better the next day, served straight out of the fridge, but in the restaurant it was still great.

Overall I give Pad Thai: Noodle Lounge, Chelsea, NY a high rating. The service was fast and efficient, the food was wonderful and the prices were beyond cheap especially considering the location (together I spent $36 w/o tip for two entrees, two apps and a specialty drink). I would like to see the spot expand their beer menu from the traditional water downed American brews. Check out this place when in NY.

Pad Thai: Noodle Lounge 114 8th Avenue, New York - (212) 691-6226

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Tie A Tie

Just cause
Check out this Full Windsor



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Hump Day: Books Banned from Reading Rainbow

Gas Prices, Obama, and what we learned three years ago

By LaChaBenn for (not yet proofed)

In the last 30 days the average gallon of gas has risen to $3.54 a gallon, a 24% increased from last month; last year in February the average price of a gallon of regular was $2.75. 

Que Tal?

Many speculate that the unrest in recent weeks in Libya has lead to the increase at the pumps.   In response to the price of oil President Obama announced Friday that he favours an increase in domestic drilling to decrease America’s dependency on foreign oil and that he is prepared to release U.S. oil reserves.  Obama failed to say when he will open the reserves. In the same conference Obama announced that it is necessary for the U.S.  to increase energy efficiency to end its dependency on oil.   Republicans lashed out at Obama calling him a hypocrite and suggesting that the presidents’ policy’s are to blame for the recent increase at the pump.  "While the Obama administration claims to be committed to American energy production, the facts and its own actions say otherwise," said House Speaker John Boehner in a written statement.  Note: U.S. oil production was at a 7even year high last year however since the BP oil spill in 2010 only one permit has been issued.

Anybody getting a case of dejavu.  Georgia you remember the summer of no gas?


SUVs got parked, Cash for Clunkers, carpooling incentives and programs like none ever seen in history.  Environmentalist screamed for ways to find alternative ways to find and promote alternative energy and increase America’s energy efficiency.  But when gas prices dropped, with little evidence of why, we, America lost focus of the who, what, where, when, and why. 

Who really controls the price of the gallon- on paper “OPEC” but really Oil companies, ExxonMobile (who had a 59% profit increase in their first quarter of 2011, Chevron (29%) etc
What the F are they doing- Making billions of dollars off the backs of hard working Americans
Where are they doing it?- Everywhere to everyone
When- Every chance they get
Why- Because they can get away with it.
It doesn’t matter that Obama may or may not release our supply of oil, it does not matter that Boner…sorry Boehner, favors an increase in drilling. The truth of the matter is an OPEC investigation needs to be done.  The cost of oil should reflect the price of drilling. When an oil companies profits increased 25% in a year (that is billions of dollars) and prices continue to increase for the consumer something is clearly wrong.  Despite what is said, oil pipes that lay hundreds of feet underground are not affected by what is going above ground.   We are being taken advantage of and no one is protecting the consumers’ rights.   Not Obama, not the Majority of the House, not OPEC and especially not any oil companies.  We do need to find ways to end our dependency on oil . The trend cannot fade as soon a prices drop. We must remember our bad times even when times are good. But our addiction, our “fix” will not end overnight. Like any addiction it will take a full commitment to All 12 steps and the time that goes in to taking the steps. 
What can happen overnight? The people with the power can look at BP’s and Chevrons profits and ask the real questions: IF there is a shortage how is it that your profits are raising? I understand this is a capitalistic system at work, but enough is enough.