Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gas Prices, Obama, and what we learned three years ago

By LaChaBenn for (not yet proofed)

In the last 30 days the average gallon of gas has risen to $3.54 a gallon, a 24% increased from last month; last year in February the average price of a gallon of regular was $2.75. 

Que Tal?

Many speculate that the unrest in recent weeks in Libya has lead to the increase at the pumps.   In response to the price of oil President Obama announced Friday that he favours an increase in domestic drilling to decrease America’s dependency on foreign oil and that he is prepared to release U.S. oil reserves.  Obama failed to say when he will open the reserves. In the same conference Obama announced that it is necessary for the U.S.  to increase energy efficiency to end its dependency on oil.   Republicans lashed out at Obama calling him a hypocrite and suggesting that the presidents’ policy’s are to blame for the recent increase at the pump.  "While the Obama administration claims to be committed to American energy production, the facts and its own actions say otherwise," said House Speaker John Boehner in a written statement.  Note: U.S. oil production was at a 7even year high last year however since the BP oil spill in 2010 only one permit has been issued.

Anybody getting a case of dejavu.  Georgia you remember the summer of no gas?


SUVs got parked, Cash for Clunkers, carpooling incentives and programs like none ever seen in history.  Environmentalist screamed for ways to find alternative ways to find and promote alternative energy and increase America’s energy efficiency.  But when gas prices dropped, with little evidence of why, we, America lost focus of the who, what, where, when, and why. 

Who really controls the price of the gallon- on paper “OPEC” but really Oil companies, ExxonMobile (who had a 59% profit increase in their first quarter of 2011, Chevron (29%) etc
What the F are they doing- Making billions of dollars off the backs of hard working Americans
Where are they doing it?- Everywhere to everyone
When- Every chance they get
Why- Because they can get away with it.
It doesn’t matter that Obama may or may not release our supply of oil, it does not matter that Boner…sorry Boehner, favors an increase in drilling. The truth of the matter is an OPEC investigation needs to be done.  The cost of oil should reflect the price of drilling. When an oil companies profits increased 25% in a year (that is billions of dollars) and prices continue to increase for the consumer something is clearly wrong.  Despite what is said, oil pipes that lay hundreds of feet underground are not affected by what is going above ground.   We are being taken advantage of and no one is protecting the consumers’ rights.   Not Obama, not the Majority of the House, not OPEC and especially not any oil companies.  We do need to find ways to end our dependency on oil . The trend cannot fade as soon a prices drop. We must remember our bad times even when times are good. But our addiction, our “fix” will not end overnight. Like any addiction it will take a full commitment to All 12 steps and the time that goes in to taking the steps. 
What can happen overnight? The people with the power can look at BP’s and Chevrons profits and ask the real questions: IF there is a shortage how is it that your profits are raising? I understand this is a capitalistic system at work, but enough is enough.

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