Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Video of DC Police Abusing an Elderly Man

After watching this I am glad that my encounter with Baltimore City Police ended the way it did...

Earlier this week handicappable and elderly man Dwight Harris was abused by two Washington D.C. Metro Police Officers in front of the U Street- Cardozo Metro Station. (Across the street from Ben's Chili Bowl and the Lincoln Theater.)  An official Statement issued by DCMP suggest that Mr.Harris resisted a citation for drinking and public and upon arrest
“The patron resisted arrest which resulted in him falling out of his wheelchair."
 You tell me, does this look like someone falling out of a wheelchair?

If you listen careful you'll hear someone say "they are on a power trip right now,"  Cops are always on a power trip and many forget that their duty, their job is to serve and protect. This is not a police state, no cop has the right to violently push me out of a stadium. No cop has the right to physically abuse a defenseless elderly "drunk" man in this manner. The two cops in question have been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. This is simply NOT ENOUGH these two cops should lose their jobs. They abused this man and then lied about it to their supervisor. On top of that they were STUPID enough to ignore the most obvious reality of the 21 century: Video Cameras are Everywhere. 

If you see a police officer getting out of line don't just stand their. You have the right to video tape in a public place. (not voice record!)You have the right to stand where you want in a public place, Police officers are not above the law. 
Who will Police the Police?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hidden Racism? abc's the Bachelorette

Did you watch the new Bachelorette last night? I won't lie, I watched part of it. (La Duh) Ashley's new hairdoo looks super cute and her dress was BANGING.  But as I watched I became ubber curious as to why abc believed it would be  'pc,' cool, realistic or socially acceptable to ONLY put white folks on this show. No other race is represented and to make matters worse alllll of the dudes look exactly the freaking same.
It is 2012, it scares me to believe that people somewhere still think this way is cool.

I read in a LaTimes Article producer Mike Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly that "for whatever reason THEY do not come forward. I wish they would" (honestly mike you can't figure out a better word than "they" or just phrased that differently?)
Others, like producer Shawn Ryan (Creator of The Shield) calls the show racist, and believes "They [Fleiss] just don't think America will watch black bachelor or root for mixed-race marriage." So if abc believes mix marriage is frowned upon by a majority of Americans then how do they justify rushing a marriage by going from 25 guys one day, bonking 10 guys the next day and picking one in a span of  8ight weeks and calling it holy love.
Hands down, it is racism.
Love All

-Yo Anthony, if you've been single for 7 years maybe you should rethink YOU.
-Tim you are a DB
-Ashley if your friend warns you about One random guy, a stranger, out of 25, you should trust your friend.
-and this what the dude under the mask looks like Jeff

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Baltimore City Police are a JOKE

at one point in my life I had zero respect for all law enforcement. I called this point of my life the rebellious years.
As an adult I've learned to respect some of americans finest and bravest. However I've mad one exception: Baltimore City Police Department.
These cops are a joke, it took four of them to escort me out of an hald empty Camden Yards. Murder rate is what in this city? Crack cocaine is?! Everywhere. And yet one had the rasicit thought to pen me out of a crowd of white and ask me what's in my bottle of drink-and then take my bottle of drink and smell it. I am over 21. I paid good money to sit in my seats and these fuckers think they can put their hands on me and try and push me out? Newsflash BCPD you are a joke. You couldn't work a real beat if your life depended on it. Fuck you fuck you fuck you 'you're cool'. B-MORE.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There is an Elephant in my Head

I already hear the jokes forming about the size of my head (BACK OFF)

Are you familiar with the Maryland Dream Act? Google it, but in short the Maryland Dream Act will provide "in-state" tuition to the children of illegal immigrants. In order to receive in-state tuition the student will have to prove that their parents have paid taxes for the three years prior to attending school, the students must attend a community/two year college before entering a four year program. For example: if a student attends University of Maryland and qualifies for statehood they will pay annually $8,416 vs $24,831 for out of state/illegal.

I'm not a racist. I am a child of an immigrant. I have friends, family and a significant ex that are immigrants or children of immigrants, or have earned their citizenship.   However, I cannot sit back and ignore the fact that  Millions of American's have inordinate felonies. Those individuals CANNOT receive ANY form of government financial aid (Pell grants, Staffords etc.) nor can they receive help from a number of government sponsored programs (Welfare, Section 8, food stamps etc).  In some states felons cannot Vote for the rest of their lifetimes. Felons on parol or probation cannot serve in our military or work for the federal government (unless elected).  I don't see anyone rushing to condone and pardon their actions or give those individuals another chance to "contribute towards our society." I refuse to ignore the fact that a number of those individuals with felonies are black males. Where is their second chance? Why are we not trying to reform that group of people?

I am not a dream crusher, I am a realist. Our economy sucks are borders are compromised and each year MILLIONS of legal citizens are taking out loans and earning scholarships to further their education. Illegals can follow suit. Maryland Delegates: How does the same group of people who deny gays the right to marry pass the Dream Act? Citizenship is possible, so is not breaking the law. If we are not going to give breaks to American with a BS pot charge or those who hustled to put food on their table, or those who work three jobs to Pay for their education (or pay it back) then why does it make sense to give a break to One group of people.  I am for the individual school to decide if they want to cut their revenue by condoning illegal activity. I AM NOT for the Dream Act, a statewide pardon to illegal activity.

That is my opinion. If you disagree, great! Do not insult my while telling me your point of view. 

not proofed yet

Friday, May 6, 2011

District 11-20110506-00185.jpg

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama cuts off Celebrity Apprentice to announce the United States has BIN LADEN’S BODY

NBC cuts off 15 minutes before Donald Trump "fire[s]" someone (probably Nini, but should be Hope) on his reality t.v. show. Thats good timing on the president's part, classic.

I am glad we have Bin Laden, for many of us that has been a big part of our generation, this "war on terror." And this search only took one decade, two presidents, several violations of individuals fourth amendment rights, Five U.S. Commanders, eight years (to the date) AFTER George W. announces “mission accomplished,” and  4,452 troops lives (3/19/03-5/1/11

And now what? We are going to go hold hands overseas? Not be afraid of every toilet seat or sandwich bag left unattended outside of a court house? Will we still get body scanned while going thru security? YEP, Yep, yep.

i'm over it.