Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Video of DC Police Abusing an Elderly Man

After watching this I am glad that my encounter with Baltimore City Police ended the way it did...

Earlier this week handicappable and elderly man Dwight Harris was abused by two Washington D.C. Metro Police Officers in front of the U Street- Cardozo Metro Station. (Across the street from Ben's Chili Bowl and the Lincoln Theater.)  An official Statement issued by DCMP suggest that Mr.Harris resisted a citation for drinking and public and upon arrest
“The patron resisted arrest which resulted in him falling out of his wheelchair."
 You tell me, does this look like someone falling out of a wheelchair?

If you listen careful you'll hear someone say "they are on a power trip right now,"  Cops are always on a power trip and many forget that their duty, their job is to serve and protect. This is not a police state, no cop has the right to violently push me out of a stadium. No cop has the right to physically abuse a defenseless elderly "drunk" man in this manner. The two cops in question have been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. This is simply NOT ENOUGH these two cops should lose their jobs. They abused this man and then lied about it to their supervisor. On top of that they were STUPID enough to ignore the most obvious reality of the 21 century: Video Cameras are Everywhere. 

If you see a police officer getting out of line don't just stand their. You have the right to video tape in a public place. (not voice record!)You have the right to stand where you want in a public place, Police officers are not above the law. 
Who will Police the Police?

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