Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama cuts off Celebrity Apprentice to announce the United States has BIN LADEN’S BODY

NBC cuts off 15 minutes before Donald Trump "fire[s]" someone (probably Nini, but should be Hope) on his reality t.v. show. Thats good timing on the president's part, classic.

I am glad we have Bin Laden, for many of us that has been a big part of our generation, this "war on terror." And this search only took one decade, two presidents, several violations of individuals fourth amendment rights, Five U.S. Commanders, eight years (to the date) AFTER George W. announces “mission accomplished,” and  4,452 troops lives (3/19/03-5/1/11

And now what? We are going to go hold hands overseas? Not be afraid of every toilet seat or sandwich bag left unattended outside of a court house? Will we still get body scanned while going thru security? YEP, Yep, yep.

i'm over it.

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  1. The snake doesn't immediately die once you chop it's head off.

    Bet BL is wishing he hadn't allowed his iPhone app to "use his location" (<---just for a LOL)


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