Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There is an Elephant in my Head

I already hear the jokes forming about the size of my head (BACK OFF)

Are you familiar with the Maryland Dream Act? Google it, but in short the Maryland Dream Act will provide "in-state" tuition to the children of illegal immigrants. In order to receive in-state tuition the student will have to prove that their parents have paid taxes for the three years prior to attending school, the students must attend a community/two year college before entering a four year program. For example: if a student attends University of Maryland and qualifies for statehood they will pay annually $8,416 vs $24,831 for out of state/illegal.

I'm not a racist. I am a child of an immigrant. I have friends, family and a significant ex that are immigrants or children of immigrants, or have earned their citizenship.   However, I cannot sit back and ignore the fact that  Millions of American's have inordinate felonies. Those individuals CANNOT receive ANY form of government financial aid (Pell grants, Staffords etc.) nor can they receive help from a number of government sponsored programs (Welfare, Section 8, food stamps etc).  In some states felons cannot Vote for the rest of their lifetimes. Felons on parol or probation cannot serve in our military or work for the federal government (unless elected).  I don't see anyone rushing to condone and pardon their actions or give those individuals another chance to "contribute towards our society." I refuse to ignore the fact that a number of those individuals with felonies are black males. Where is their second chance? Why are we not trying to reform that group of people?

I am not a dream crusher, I am a realist. Our economy sucks are borders are compromised and each year MILLIONS of legal citizens are taking out loans and earning scholarships to further their education. Illegals can follow suit. Maryland Delegates: How does the same group of people who deny gays the right to marry pass the Dream Act? Citizenship is possible, so is not breaking the law. If we are not going to give breaks to American with a BS pot charge or those who hustled to put food on their table, or those who work three jobs to Pay for their education (or pay it back) then why does it make sense to give a break to One group of people.  I am for the individual school to decide if they want to cut their revenue by condoning illegal activity. I AM NOT for the Dream Act, a statewide pardon to illegal activity.

That is my opinion. If you disagree, great! Do not insult my while telling me your point of view. 

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