Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hidden Racism? abc's the Bachelorette

Did you watch the new Bachelorette last night? I won't lie, I watched part of it. (La Duh) Ashley's new hairdoo looks super cute and her dress was BANGING.  But as I watched I became ubber curious as to why abc believed it would be  'pc,' cool, realistic or socially acceptable to ONLY put white folks on this show. No other race is represented and to make matters worse alllll of the dudes look exactly the freaking same.
It is 2012, it scares me to believe that people somewhere still think this way is cool.

I read in a LaTimes Article producer Mike Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly that "for whatever reason THEY do not come forward. I wish they would" (honestly mike you can't figure out a better word than "they" or just phrased that differently?)
Others, like producer Shawn Ryan (Creator of The Shield) calls the show racist, and believes "They [Fleiss] just don't think America will watch black bachelor or root for mixed-race marriage." So if abc believes mix marriage is frowned upon by a majority of Americans then how do they justify rushing a marriage by going from 25 guys one day, bonking 10 guys the next day and picking one in a span of  8ight weeks and calling it holy love.
Hands down, it is racism.
Love All

-Yo Anthony, if you've been single for 7 years maybe you should rethink YOU.
-Tim you are a DB
-Ashley if your friend warns you about One random guy, a stranger, out of 25, you should trust your friend.
-and this what the dude under the mask looks like Jeff

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