Monday, March 31, 2008

Snickers with a Kick

I've been eyeing them all year the Limited Edition Snickers Charged. They contain 60 mgs of caffeine, and a ton of B vitamins, and taurine. 60 mgs of caffeine is no joke, two bars equal more caffeine than a Red Bull, at half the cost!

So i bought one, well two, today. I justified this decision because Maja is taking a long drive. Honestly i am using her as a guinea pig, because the idea of a caffeinated candy bar equally excites me and freaks me the out! How can it possibly taste good? Is there any food that taste good with ADDED Caffeine? Energy drinks taste like Chuck Norris piss (i'm not saying i've tasted Chuck Norris's piss, i'm just saying), Hell coffee doesn't even taste good. So i'm gonna let it sit in my car until i am incredibly desperate and starving. And if that day doesn't come i'll toss it to a friend of mine just to gauge there initial reaction.
IF you try one let me know what you think!


  1. Tastes just like Snickers, No kick, but super neat packaging. Krogers had them 2 for a buck.

    Love you,

  2. I've been wanting to try them too.Snickers used to be my favorite candy bar back in the day so I wonder how they taste as an energy bar? I'm scared though.

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  4. Yea so i tried the bar...not the bad after taste i expected, but you can taste that something isn't right, 2 for a Buck? whatever i'll work it.
    E try it out
    randy i love you too

  5. it was horrible, i only had two bites. but thanks for getting it for me anyways :)

    chuck norris? sounds like chuck berry who plays in st. louis...yessss.



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