Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Would you like a free frappe?

Over the weekend my household received the much coveted seasonal McDonalds coupon book.
I hate McDonalds, it is the perfect example of capitalism's darker side: every man for himself, despite who or what is sacrificed along the way.
Moving on. First page of the book, Free Frappe?
Hmm so this morning on my way out I stop by McDs and pick up my delicious Free Frappe.
This leads me to the subject, does anyone want a free frappe? It was painful once the chalky splendid flavouring set in. My entire throat is lined with sandy 'mocha,' and though I have another coupon for yet another fun flavour of a free frappe- I'm good. First come first serve.

Work calls, I'm in the woods and off the grid til friday. Time to unwind and settle loose ends. Back in town late friday, hope all have a wonderful week.

Dude and did you hear about the kid who stole a metro bus from the bus depot! 19 y/o crashed it into a tree. Go Metro!
(No proofread)

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