Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was talking to Cory Fox late last week and the conversation about the holidays came up. Cory, myself, and Sts, are the only people i know who haaaaaate the holidays...the very thought of them brings me anger/rage/annoyance. I don't know why really-but until Jan 1st, 2009 i am going to be one angry smartelect ball of gloom.
For starters, i hate how on Thanksgiving/Xmas/New Years i have to endure the noise of two dozen extra text- "Happy Thanksgiving!"-"happy thanksgiving!" yadda-it is better this year because i have unlimited text, but in years past when i didn't, Ewwww i use to get so mad!

This year is the first year that i am not having a Thanksgiving...i don't know how i feel about that yet-i freaked out at 10:30 last night and ran to shoppers to buy stuffing-then proceeded to make my grandfathers oyster stuffing, though i haven't had it since 2000, and i never actually saw how he made it. I want to call my folks but they are island hoping and i'd call my sister but i'm almost positive we've never spent a Thanksgiving together, so to call her today would be like calling her any other day.
So i'm gonna go play some rockband with my cuz and go to work. I can already feel my blood pressure rising....the same way i feel after hearing MMBOP more than twice in a year.

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