Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday Night turned ramble

Valentines Week-end was esp dull, i worked my butt off at the Knox (my restaurant) so afterwards I went out to the Manor for an always enjoyable house party.....maybe this needs to be an independent blog....

At this house party there were a ton of "youngings," like freshmen and sophomore in college youngins. After my fifth shot of tequila i ended up on a couch talking to a very cool, sweet, random girl. The conversation went well til her boyfriend shows up (bummer) and she introduces me to him as a "he." The point: the whole night half of the house, a clean 20 to 30 people, thought i was a dude. So maybe i could do drag!
As a "guy" I noticed clearly what my guy friends have been telling me for years: "it is hard to get a girl!" its like three people going after one girl, cock blocking every which way. And as soon as the insecure boyfriend catches wind that you and his girlfriend have something in common, That conversation ends.

So maybe my luck with women had nothing to do with my luck, maybe it had everything to do with situation

Which has everything to do with my "lameness" Saturday night

Again i work, and then i go out to meet some folks at a local LESBO club. I haven't been single for a very long time (not that i am) and when i was, i never actually knew how to "get" a girl, i just waited for them to show interest and then i talked to them. But overall i am SHY as hell. So i go out last night, trying to be cool with one girl in particular, But in this situation...a club full of women who like women....I no longer have an edge. Get it? (i know sTs is the only one still following along, and i appreciate you man) I mean there were a lot of girls out last night, but only one that i would have come close to considering, and she was busy chasing some other hottie around the club.
The blow in the face? When I go to leave she calls me Lame.

Am i lame?
maybe its my guilt holding me back because i know i shouldn't be out talkin to folk
but other than that i think i've lost it, my game, if i ever had any and honestly i am very taken back by this hints this loong boring blog.

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  1. Ya know... Fri night at the Manor I was walking outside looking for you for reasons that escape me at the current momment when I bumped into someone and spilled beer on the stoop where this lovely young thing was sitting and of course conversation ensued because I was on the prowl... anyway, things were going well. The convo flowed easily, wasn't forced and things are looking good when the b/f comes over and wraps up my efforts effortlessly. LAME. But then again, she wasn't even 21 so not much of a loss. But she was super cute... I guess the point of this is that... shit I dunno wha the fucking point is. I'm tired as fuck. All I know is I feel your pain. You are not alone. Come hang out Tues.Holla-



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