Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pizzacato, Philadelphia, PA - Mas o Menos

There is a $91 dollar charge on my card and i am still trying to remember why.

She says she wants Italian for her last meal in the United States. I ride my bike up and down Market St Philadelphia. My first choice was closed, so was my second, so i narrowed in on Pizzacato at the corner of Market and 2nd. (248 Market street, just before the bridge on the right)

The patio is packed, which i read as a good sign,
We sit inside because of the humidity and we are one of two seated tables.

Our server enthusiastic and charismatic; Im sure he was the manager. He pushes out the nights' specials and some information (the highlight) about the restaurant: they make their pasta in house!

We start with the staples:
glass of champion-i couldn't tell you what kind because we never saw a drink menu despite a request-
Ceaser Salad-i've said it before i'll say it again, if you can bring something to a Ceaser salad you are alright in my book
and Mussels- in "chilis and herbs (red or white)"

Well the champion was good...dry? Chardon
The Mussels-blane...i suspect they steam the mussels early, not to order, keep them warm and pour sauce over top upon individual order. I was so disappointed I considered returning them. The cherry tomatoes at the bottom of the bowl captured the little essence of the sauce...unfortunately the mussels captured nothing.*
The Ceaser Salad...the lettuce was border line soggy, not crisp. The Ceaser dressing was good but not unique I give credit to the chef for producing their own croutons (they are made in house right?) but was disappointed that i was not offered crushed pepper for the salad.

For my entree i had the Exotic Mushroom T- I saw the dish on a patrons table while I scoped out the restaurant, Khrissee had the Linguine, with vegs, and extra, extra, extra Parmesan (the girl loves cheese).

My dish was good, the essence of the Mushrooms, the pasta...kinda of sticky, maybe over cooked.
K's Lingini was perfectly cooked, the tomoatoe sauce not as blan as the mussles.

i'm gonna guess i caught this place on a bad night. Or maybe the event sadden my heart and my palate. Unfortunately there are to many baller sdpots in philly and i will not try this spot again. But don't not try it just based on this review.

2 stars out of five.


and they don't have a website...weiiiird!!!!

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