Thursday, April 10, 2008

I mean really, Its the Olympics!


did you hear the one about the French News reporter who got attacked while carrying the Olympic Torch and surrounded by 8ight Chinese crowd control guards. Yeaa she was pushed to the ground, the torch was put out and French police had to intervene. The torch is meant to stay lit from the time it leaves Greece til the time it hits the olympic games. This year, the olympic games will be held in China, the country that supports Sudan, and as such the genocide in Daufur, and the country who slaughters monks on the streets of Tibet. So people are upset about the Olympic games being held in china...China shouldn't have an Olympic game?

...i think i understand. You know Hitler came up with the idea for this Torch Tour de World, about 8ight years after the torch was started, look what that SmartAss did for the world. If we, the world, support China holding the Olympics, gives China billions of dollars in tourist sales, are we Not support china's international practices? Yes. So if Sarkozy is considering boycotting the Olympics, then so Be it. Is it just about the sports? No. Its about I.R.: International Relations! Running the 4 x 400 on a world stage must be amazing. But not as amazing, or significant as rubbing shoulders with the enemy.

Its not a show, it does not need to "go on"
Hopefully no more torch holders will get beat up, but if they do

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