Saturday, April 26, 2008

Real Quick Like

This is my week of NO DRINKING. definitely maxed out my party intake this week. Don't get me wrong, i had a lot of fun, but i am getting to old for this.

1. D.B. Hobbs, Great Buy, not bad taste, Worse hangover you'll ever have off of four beers! (if you don't usually get a hangover off of four beers)

2. Doesn't matter who you are, or who you love. There is an awesome show on Thursday at MSR RAW TALENT 2008 is down to two! Come out and catch a great act the one and only SKYLER LEE!!!!!!!!! Click on the link, you'll get all the info for the show. $3 Jager Bombs too!

3. and this for serious ...Sean Bell..was shot dead by Three Off duty, plain clothes Cops (two black one white, and No that doesn't matter) 50 times. Yes 5ive zer0. Meaning at least two of the officers had to reload. Sean Bell, shot dead November 25th 2006, hours before he was to be married, was unarmed outside of a night club.
Why officers, off duty and plain clothed, are allowed to go out, and possibly drink, at clubs, AND STILL CARRY THEIR GUNS is beyond me.
What is farther beyond me is that a Queens City Judge (corrupted) ruled that all three Officers where not guilty of a crime. I rarely agree with Al Sharpton, but this Is INJUSTICE.
Don't be complacent with this society, its all kinds of wrong Justice for Sean Bell

4. the NFL draft is about to start [I got a Big Ole Smile on my Face!]...i said no more beer, but i have one Coors left, and they ARE sponsoring the draft, so i need to thank them in some way?
Matt Ryan is to not strong enough for Atlanta, Falcons need southern Blood on the field, they need DJ Shocley as a QB Hands down, thats my story and i'm sticking to it.

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