Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can't Sleep Clowns will eat Me

I've been going out a lot lately, partly due to the fact that I am leaving Atlanta soon and I am trying to "bask in the ambiance." But maybe also to distract from the overall scheme of things:
--- Just an acceptance letter (to Georgetown) in my hand and the little sanity i have left.
little nervous...., i am freaking out

buuuuut i'd much rather be worried about lets say, Georgetown, than who is seeing who, and who sleeping with who and isn't suppose to know and finding out the ex is the boss of yadda yadda yadda "Ya Trick Yaa!" (...i still can't believe a 17 year old became a millionaire off of that song)

I almost don't want to leave Atlanta this time its not that, i said that?

Atlanta people are concerned, it seems, mostly with chilling, getting by and Drama. Chilling cause its easy (i've never met so many people taking the 7 plus year college route..and still go straight thru...but hey why not?), Getting By, because the economy is ROUGH right now on everyone but esp my generation, those with little wealth and a O' LOTTA debt! and the Drama because its a cheap easy way to give people that "i'm important" feeling. And its temporary if need be, so it a great way to bring excitement to an otherwise boring life.
I like the idea of just minding my own business, loving all no matter what (yes, even if you don't like, or agree with them), and (my fav) getting a meaningful life!

I can't stay in a place where I DO NOT GROW:
I think working in a restaurant again was a good and bad idea, good because I've met a lot of kick ass people. BAD, because i've meet a lot of selfish, IGNORANT, greedy, DUMB, drama filled self righteous (mainly Buckhead) people that make me understand why this world is headed for self destruction. "Lay down with Dogs, and you'll Wake up with Fleas,"---Ben Franklin.

The complacent, the number of people who concentrate on "Just Being" gives me chill bumps. So i gotta jet cause whatever game was playing when i got here wasn't the game I got tickets for.

No to spending time/money getting a degree in order to "serve" people the rest of ones life, and i am not, and will never knock anyone who does so (or exotic dancers), it is good money, it does buy houses, and cars. But not fucking happiness,
I'd rather be dead broke on the side of the road during legally pro-bono work, or anything GOOD for people, and happy, than, waste away the talent, and the intellect that i worked so hard to obtain.

In D.C. i feel like everyone serves some kind of significant purpose to the overall scheme of things, and stats don't lie, the DC area (MoCo) is about 60% smarter than the overall Atlanta area. Meaning 9 out of 10 people i run in to will be able to carry on a decent conversation, compared to the 3 to 10 ratio in the "Dirty South" My genes are getting wet just thinking about all the "brain-EE-acts"

i'm rambling.....six hours of sleep to 48 hours of Go will do that to you.....where's the nyquil?.....

not gonna proof read

Serenity Pray
and good night

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