Sunday, May 11, 2008

Okay Okay Okay

I hear back about my final student loan tuesday. At this point i've earned enough to study and live in dc, but not enough to eat, drink, chill, pay bills, drive, buy dog food, to live.
My loan officer says "well you know in these times its nearly impossible to get a loan,-"Yo newsflash Jon, you should keep those comments to yourself"-- but I have hope that this will work out. I also have plans "F" and "G" and then i'm back to P7.
Why, in a country known for it's easy access to opportunity, a country whose average IQ drops with the premier of every new reality show, is it so hard to obtain education?
I have a better chance of getting a house and a car. Wait i did just bought a car! and it cost less Before financing than my education.
I hate to sound old fashion but i remember the good ole days when getting into a good school, was the hard part...

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