Friday, August 1, 2008

July 31st/August 1, 2005

Its almost like 9/11 the day that you'll never forget

Ever since that day i move a little more cautiously. I check my surroundings before i enter my truck. When it is dark outside i peer down every dark alley, every dark drive way, just to make sure...i caution my friends when they walk home alone at put it short i do everything differently now.

I'll never understand why G-d does what he does, allows what he does, takes who he does. I stopped trying four months after the title date. But I hate when August floats back around because then i can't help but question the actions of the higher power.... I'd lost friends before him, but never to a random act of violence: two punk teenagers after a joyride in a freakin Camry?...and to think, he was, is, one of the few people i've encountered whose essence lacked negativity, suffering or pain. He was genuinely a good guy. So why...

...we all take a second look behind us before entering our cars alone, at night.
Brett, you are missed by family and by a Tribe, that will never forget you, or this day.
with love

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  1. You would have enjoyed tonight at the was exactly what Brett would have wanted; drinking beer, smoking ***, and telling stories. A good way to remember one of the best men I've ever known.

    Thanks. I'd never really thought of it as the 9/11 of our tribe's personal lives, but in a lot of ways it was. And you completely nailed the way I react when I'm walking out to my car in the dark, and why I worry about all those I love so much more than I did on July 30, 2005.



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