Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*A Reminder

When you hear on the news "X number of U.S. Soiliders Killed in Y" remember that each number represents one person, the people related to that person, and the US community surrounding X's family and friends. Its easy to lose attention, to let the information pass by you unabsorbed.
CaseExample: Cover story of Time Magazine July 28th, 2008 Cover Story: The Right War by Roy Stewart

"There has been a dramatic series of recent attacks by the Taliban: a mass assault on a jail freed hundreds of prisoners, and a suicide bombing outside the Indian embassy on July 7 killed 40 and injured over 100. Many of these assaults are planned and supported from safe havens across the border in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Western troop casualties are climbing; the last two months exceeded the monthly death toll in Iraq. On July 13, nine U.S. soldiers were killed when Taliban fighters swarmed over their base in the eastern province of Kunar — the worst attack in three years."

I remember hearing about that...
Sunday July 13th, 4:30am, U.S. troops of the 2nd Battalion, 503d Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, in Vicenza , Italy, while on search for captured troops, were ambushed in the providence of Kunar, Afghanistan.
"The worse attack in three years," claimed the lives of two Georgians, Cpl. Jonathan R. Ayers, 24, of Snellville and Cpl. Matthew Phillips, 27, from NorthEast, Georgia. Matt was a Son(his mother passed away in 2003 of cancer), a brother (his younger sister Mary had a baby the same day...), a good friend (to Shanks and many others), and a good husband(to Eve, she gave me Sadie Mae...) Can you imagine that number representing, your Son, Sister, college friend, spouse. Someone who passed away for your,our, freedom, now a statistic...
Remember it happens everyday. This "War on Terror" has claimed the life of over 4,000 United State Citizens since 2003. Thats 4,000 communities affected, over 4,000 parents, thousands of siblings, thousands of friends and acquaintances etc. all these connections that trickle out like roots of a large tree, and extend in all directions of and through life, these lives cover much ground.
I'm just sayin...
remember those number represent people, a family member, a friend, a life like mine or yours.

And remember we still have thousands serving over sea, We should be proud of them, no matter how against the "War on Terror" we are and we should NOT forget the true meaning behind those numbers...

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