Saturday, July 19, 2008

(- to +) or how to make a bad night, good

? i'll master how to make a bad week, good!

the day was long. I got to the office at 8 am. The previous night i left at 8 pm. I am doing an internship...i work for free but for reason.
So it is friday, and i have two tickets to a sold out Dark Knight...and yes i have a movie date, my fourth! First, maja-who left the country out of spite; Second, Maja's "friend," who i later find out is trying to get in Maja's pants (i nicked that one); Third, my cuz...he, like we all did at that age, got grounded; Four, my co-classmate/co-work/ . . . who flat out bailed...sooo i go to the theater, tired, alone and slightly frustrated/pissed/upset/longing/depressed/ugh but mostly just tired. I find free street parking (plus #1 so now i'm at negative three) I pick up my tickets (pre ordered mind you or i wouldn't have bothered) and walk away, back to my truck. Half way down Wisconsin i over hear a gentlemen behind me "that F-ing sucks, now we gotta wait another day to see the damn movie." I confront him, he pays 20 bucks for each ticket (negative two...getting better). I'm content,only content, i count my losses, and walk to my truck, only i am lost..
I hit, what i consider to be a dead end, and i contemplate turning around, when i am bum rushed by what i think is a drunk or homeless dude.
I am to tired to realize until this drunk bum says "You're to cool to return my calls," that this "drunk bum" is actually my boy Jake (jump to +1) and i haven't returned his calls, i've been at work (in one capacity or another) ALL WEEK. Only i dig hanging with Jake. Jake, i haven't seen in almost a year, and Jake, i actually look forward to seeing (MCC for life!). He is with a hott chick who i am happy to hear is "his girl." He ask if i want to get drinks...i don't, but it want to hang out with people who "get it," (because so many act like they do, say they do, and Don't) so we walk a block and catch a pub that has cheap beers just because a certain baseball team is playing...Others come, they are equally, at least on the surface, good, fun, people (+2) and hours later i get to drive home buzzed on the highway (something i haven't done in years...mind you i am the person, who in college, use to claim a gold medal in DUI---gainesville/Athens ga will do that to you..)(+3)

to make it better, folks i met last week-end called me to hang tonight, buut i'm going to bed now, i have work in the am.
Not bad, not bad

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