Thursday, August 14, 2008

Team USA, or Team Phelps?

A majority of the World catches the fever that is the Olympics. The competition, watching the best of the best take action at their given talent. The colors, the anthems, the tears, the sweat, the blood. It really brings the pride out of you, similar to that blanket of pride that hits a nation after they've been attacked (9/11, Euro train bombings, Hiroshima) only this pride is a result of something positive.

Sooo with being said, and the old cliche "there is not "i" in Team." So tell me why when the Men's U.S. Swim team swam the 4 x100 relay that Phelps got ALLLLL the credit, when he wasn't evenin the lead during his LEG, the others had to bring it back for the Gold FOUR PEOPLE SWAM. Could you say the names of the other three swimmers?
No? understood, because NBC didn't talk about them! so you know Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak, and Garrett Weber-Gale are the reason the US took gold in this race, and mainly, it was Lezak DAMNNN dude what an awesome race...missed it?
here (watch it quick before NBC caps it!)

my point is, there are 200+ men and women who are representing the U.S. Olympic Team they deserve credit too.
Thank you and ROCK ON! GO TEAM USA!

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