Wednesday, October 15, 2008

alternative medicine


..i stink right now so i'll make this quick

Monday, I went out to dinner with some GU folks. At some point we talked about Acupuncture, Chiropractors, and other Alternative medicine, yadda. This was the second time in a week that the conversation was brought up. I'm not one for pills or meds, or drs period. But I def don't subscribe to the "A.M" crowd, like my mother, sister and from what i've learned Amanda too.

TUESDAY, i wake up and can't move my flipping neck....the pain extends from the neck to my right shoulder. VERY VERY BAD I've always had lower back pains (and by "always" i mean, post Americorps), and then two weeks ago i felt a 'pop' in the middle of my back. So in short there is something VERY WRONG.

So i call my mom, my mom calls her brother, my uncle, my uncle calls me. I go "yea, i'll take a pill and go to PT" he was like "No No, you need to go to the Chiropractor so you can figure this out,"... me- "uhhh those aren't real Doctors." He goes "Lauren, i felt the same way, but after he did what he did, i could have married that man"----and my Uncle is NOT gay friendly.
SO Uncles orders, i'm going to get my back realigned.

And maybe i'll be will take a lot more for me to do Acupuncture.
Maybe i'll get some medicinal herbs....

Side Note, has anyone heard the CNN story about some husband who named is Baby Sarah-McCain Palin...WITHOUT TELLING HIS INDUCED WIFE. Sts sent me a text this morning to tell me, i haven't read it yet, but i will post the link when i find it.


  1. I really hope you will be enlightened :). And definitely try some medicinal herbs if you're hesitant about the acupuncture. And I do have to admit that if it weren't for my cousin being an acupuncturist and me trusting him . . .it would have taken me a long time to be open to it.

  2. I think Americorp should pay for your Chiro!
    Come tailgating next weekend, Ravens have a home game v Raiders


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