Monday, October 13, 2008

You know what


Never mind

Also, last night I had a table of five guys come in. They were from out of town. One guy, Greg, and I got into a deep conversation after he asked “Lauren, McCain or Obama?”
“No comment!”
He pries “come on, McCain or Obama,”
So I tell him the timeline-“ I was undecided until last month, it was Tuesday during the DNC. Obama named Biden as his running mate-It made me raise my eyebrows, then wedensday Obama gave his speech, Thursday AM, McCain picked Palin, and I was done”
The table laughs. Then a long conversation about Palin’s incompetence.
Which brings me to a point–If everyone knows what an idiot, and incompetent leader she is, then why is she a potential vice president? Her foreign policy is “I’m neighbors with Russia,” when asked “what foreign newsfeeds do you read?” she CANT answer the QUESTION. Seriously, is this some kind of joke!? If anything, I can’t vote for McCain, because McCain lacks common sense. Who, with basic education, can possibly believe that Palin is the most qualified (woman if must) in the GOP to co-lead this country? McCain. Who, with basic education, thinks it is a good idea to pick fights with several countries despite the fact that his/her country is in a depression, whos military is spread thin, whos country is littered with starving, beating children (ie kids in the freezer), unemployed professionals, forecloser victims and Hurricane “refugees?” McCain. Is there a hidden camera somewhere? Is this really happening?
I’m infuriated, and I’ve never been like this about this upcoming election, I’ve stayed neutral and silent. NOT ANYMORE. This is worse then Bush/Gore-at least the nation did not know what an incompetent fool Bush was/is. We can see, thru his actions, what an incompetent candidate McCain is.
Seriously, Alberta is doing a mad hiring of U.S. citizens...but damn it is cold up there.
Also, Greg spoke with me about a state lobbying position in Illinois it is cold up there too....hmmm yeaaaaa.

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