Wednesday, June 18, 2008



Looks like Georgia Tech has some Competition for parking GSU is set to start game play in the 2010 football season. And better yet, they just picked a coach! Bill Curry, doesn't sound familiar? yea, well GSU is going to pay him $350,000 a year/5ive year contract, plus 50,000 incentive bonuses AND a $500 a month car allowance. Sweet gig, and Curry, despite his lack of mane recognition, has a a pretty extensive football career (<~~PDF doesn't work, look for link on the left )

Georgia folks who love College football (that is about 75% of us and the 15 of the remaining 25% are mentally and legally incapacitated) know that Georgia's second largest school Kennesaw State University is working on its freshmen football team. And i assure you, come 2010(ish), Georgia fans are going to have two more power house teams to be proud of.

is that bacon i smell?

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