Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some people...

I heard from an Ex-"friend" this week. We were bf's until she picked her abusive boyfriend over me. For the first two days i was crushed. By day three i was over it. I realized it was her damn problem not mine. We all have issues but not all of us are mature enough or ready to admit them. And i'm a good friend, i know this because i have a lot of them... in person, i'm not talking about the "pierce queer kids in cyber space"
So when i talked (facebooked) to my Ex-BF this week, i cracked a joke, and she came back at me with "Ouch, i'm sensitive. . . D.C. has hardened you" Ha, well maybe, but last time i checked i've always been borderline apathetic.

SO this week i also let go of a "friend" i use the word loosely because i feel like people who can just toss people out of their lives nonchalantly were never friends, just parasites, manipulative or lonely and when i happened to be there. Its funny, because i went thru the same emotions i went thru when i lost X. I was Crushed, probably worse then a break up CRUSHED, for maybe 24 hours. Then i had the Eureka moment. When i become friends with people i shouldn't look at them, i should look at the people currently around them....or not around them. They say the same is true with you start dating someone. You should examine how their last break up began and ended. Same is true with potential friends. How many true friends do they currently have, how do they meet other people, how many relationships do they retain from their past.
Its like an equation: if someone has ex's how many? and if someone went to college, how many friends do they retain? divided the two numbers, that is the percentage or likely hood that y'alls friendship will work. Ok so i bullshited that.....BUT SEE i'll admit when i fuck up! Others cannot or have a hard time admitting, like when one talks about their "standards," and "credibility." But in all realness lack both (this based on their past "relationships.") I can feel bad for them, give them their space, but in time i learn to just forgive and forget about it. Some people are insecure...and again some of us are not mature enough or ready to admit them.
And i need to Do Me right now so i can't worry about it right now. I know i'm a good friend, if one fails too appreciate it then que chu-cha! I learned that one in college, its slang for "WHATEVER." but don't say it around someone from Peru, Columbia or uhhh i forget the other country.....

Some people are just plain dumb asses. JOHN MCCAIN. don't get me wrong, i def voted for the old man in the primary, even had the sticker on my car, But this BS about "oh well i'm going to stop campaigning because the country is in a financial crises" WTF? Dude, we are under 50 days, the country is not going to change with the senate offering a buyout. And MCCAIN where were you when all this crap was going down? McCain almost NEVER voted while senator, (i'll find this record online, because right now i only have it in hard copy) but you think it matters that now you give a fuck? Old man, you've lost it! FIrst Palin then this, i respect you a lot, but i'm not gonna stand for any more bullshit. If McCain was not running for president he wouldn't give two flipps! Six weeks left...Canada here i come?

like always i didn't proofread!
hey i'm sick!


  1. It's amazing how sometimes we don't talk about certain things but we still are dealing with similar situations. I've been dealing with certain people and they're lack of understanding their own faults. And when you break it down and try to show them what's going on they don't really seem to care. It's like its too difficult to face the music and the reality of their situation. Not to say Im perfect but I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong.

    And as for McCain, I think they've thrown in the towel. If people really buy this BS about him caring about the economy, after his flooping about the issue the past 10 days, hen we truly are doomed. I hear British Columbia is lovely in Nov. Ill stop by for a bit on my way to the promiseland.

    Much Love-


  2. i saw this movie once about this dude that moved to Canada because he didn't like that Bush got re-elected for his second term. the dude didn't like Canada, it was full of freaks. plus it's too cold and the polar bears are becoming cannibals



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